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open strike 9/11/07

it is time to make a massive stand for what is believed. no more avoidance or waiting for others to make the change. now is the time!
for those who know that 9/11 was an inside job, and those who may not but have serious difficulty with such issues as torture, wiretapping, occupation of two countries on trumped-up pretexts...the death of thousands of innocents...the dispersal of depleted uranium in a wide ranging area...the lies upon lies perpetrated by our "elected" officials...the possibilty of a bombing in Iran and perpetual war...NOW is the time to stand and be counted in a fashion understood: by walking out. STRIKING... Saying NO MORE! insisting on impeachment. demanding change and demanding it now. whatever issue troubles you most about this terror we are involved in, there is only one way to openly confront the monster: in the streets. this would also give us an opportunity to see what new non-lethal weapons are utilized for "our" security. keep in mind that detering shopping is considered a terrorist activity by the Homeland. if we do not act soon we will be personally responsible(ah, let's not shit ourselves...we already are) for the next onslaught of atrocities. this will make the entire nation war criminals. the only legitimate tool left us is striking, but make no mistake about it, you will be treated as an enemy combatant, this is how far we have sunk into tyranny. nothing new about being shot in a stike. it is our history. the money you use to make was based on the sacrifice of others.
writing your representatives does not suffice. how many are bought and paid for? this is we the government, and the battle and war is ours. we have the duty and obligation to throw this off our shoulders and be what the fine paperwork of our beginning of a nation proclaimed us to be; though never quite accomplished. when will we make a stand? time is coming when it may be too late. is it now?
for more info on this viral revolution of no leaders please see:


see you there!

a slave is someone that is expecting someone else to set him free.

NPR advocates for expansion of the Prison Industrial Complex 13.Aug.2007 22:15


NPR advocates for expansion of the Prison Industrial Complex
NPR advocates for expansion of the Prison Industrial Complex