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Staging the Portland Nuke

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet military intelligence writer, has written his most detailed article to date on the highly suspicious Portland Nuke exercise, Noble Resolve. He names the names of the key players in the operation, and of the military and media figures who have joined the growing outcry about what may turn out to be a false flag version of the White Houses much- predicted terror nuke.

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Martial Law and Noble Resolve Noble Resolve 7-2 is a test of emergency management software. Same software was in place and tested during and after Hurricane Katrina. The test is being funded by Department of Homeland Security. PDF links below give information about effective resistance to martial law. The software company, Swan Island Networks, http://www.swanisland.net has close ties to NORTHCOM and NSA. Use search term "NORTHCOM" here at Portland Indymedia for extensive information about NORTHCOM and martial law http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/08/322932.shtml.

Noble Resolve may or may not become a "live" drill. The more it is publicized, the less likely we will have a 10 kiloton nuke detonated here. The threat of martial law remains regardless.

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Lately I have seen many posts about a possible "false flag" (I just call it imperialism at work) attack involving Portland, OR. As an anarchist I have found the suggested response of calling and writing elected officials a waste of time. Don't beg for freedom. Fight for it!

Word has it that Homeland Security is going to be holding a terror drill in Portland in late August called Noble Resolve. This drill was going to be a nuclear strike scenario, but as of late has been changed to a volcano scenario. It sounds like the drill is going to cause national guard units, army, homeland security, and all the other folks we all have nightmares about to enter our town to practice for a martial law scenario.

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There has been some talk here and elsewhere regarding Freightliner as a possible site of a live Noble Resolve. After seeing the DayAfterWorkshop Report posted today I decided to take a closer look at is in the area. These are the sites of interest I have found so far:

1. St. Johns Bridge - the most obvious landmark in the DAW Report map.

2. ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Company - just to the northwest of the bridge at 9420 NW St Helens Road Portland, OR 97231. (1)

3. Schnitzer Investment Corp. and Schnitzer Steel Industries - they own the property just south of the bridge at 6529 NW Front Avenue Portland, OR 97210 (2). Interestingly, the CEO of Schnitzer Steel is John D. Carter (3), who is the former Executive Vice President and Director of Bechtel Group, Inc., the former President of Bechtel Enterprises, Inc., and is currently the Director of FLIR Systems, Inc. (4), which is a thermal imaging/defense related company.

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