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Portland antifas, heads up!

The 2007 Hammerfest is coming to your town!
Every year, the Hammerskin nazi gang organizes a multi-day concert and gathering to promote racism, this year it will be in Portland. Featuring bands with such charming names as "Down Right Hateful" and "No Tolerance" and keynote speaker Billy Roper of the "White Revolution" organization, the event will gather many of North America's most violent racists.

The gathering will be at a yet undisclosed location October 5th, 6th & 7th and is being widely publicized on white supremist web sites such as stormfront.

another heads up 14.Aug.2007 15:18


While this information is useful, I'd encourage folk to be aware that Portland Indymedia's readership is diverse and not always benign. Any discussion of what to do about this (if anything) would be better handled on a face-to-face basis than through public posts on the internet. Thanks.

I agree 15.Aug.2007 18:40


whatever y'all decide to do, if anything, should be kept under wraps as much as possible.