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Curiosities in the Harvard study/Portland fallout map

There has been some talk here and elsewhere regarding Freightliner as a possible site of a live Noble Resolve. After seeing the DayAfterWorkshop Report posted today I decided to take a closer look at is in the area. These are the sites of interest I have found so far:
1. St. Johns Bridge - the most obvious landmark in the DAW Report map.

2. ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Company - just to the northwest of the bridge at 9420 NW St Helens Road Portland, OR 97231. (1)

3. Schnitzer Investment Corp. and Schnitzer Steel Industries - they own the property just south of the bridge at 6529 NW Front Avenue Portland, OR 97210 (2). Interestingly, the CEO of Schnitzer Steel is John D. Carter (3), who is the former Executive Vice President and Director of Bechtel Group, Inc., the former President of Bechtel Enterprises, Inc., and is currently the Director of FLIR Systems, Inc. (4), which is a thermal imaging/defense related company.

Any and all additions to this list would be welcome. I am curious just because I don't know that stretch of town that well.

online references:

(1) -  http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Portland,+OR,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=title
(2) -  link to maps.google.com
(3) -  http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=schn
(4) -  link to

edit 14.Aug.2007 10:41


it is the Burlington railroad bridge in question, not the St. Johns.

The ExxonMobil Plant 14.Aug.2007 15:34


particularly frightening as it could take out 27 miles in all directions without a nuclear blast. Even when there is a harmless break-in the feds show up and freak out.

Swan Island 14.Aug.2007 21:17


Swan Island is near the ground zero of the fallout map.  http://www.swanisland.net is providing"logistical support" for Operation Noble resolve 7-2.

City emergency management won't be involved in Noble Resolve. It will just be some people safely looking at computer screens IN SALEM!

additional monitoring 15.Aug.2007 09:37

theresa mitchell

I have to wonder why the state would need to put up a quarter million just for computer monitoring. They can do that at home. Presumably the Federal budget is much larger. This is an action-on-the-ground exercise; KBOO reporters will be present.

I want to figure out how to check buildings and towers facing the proposed "ground zero," to see if they have received any requests to mount monitoring equipment. My reasoning for this is that the deployment/testing personnel at DOE are likely to have contacts with the ultra-spooks ('cause they ARE ultra-spooks), and would find it very hard to resist the first planned open-air detonation from the US arsenal since the '60s.
They would want gamma detectors, heat/blast registers, et cetera, and they wouldn't take no for an answer, and might set them up even if forbidden; for a 10-kiloton blast, they would want some of the monitors to be miles from Ground Zero, yet elevated enough to get a direct reading. Likewise fallout monitors would possibly appear, particularly in North Portland. Any ideas?

A Copy of the Map 15.Aug.2007 22:26

potassium iodide

Here is a copy of the map being discussed It was found in the Harvard study: The Day After Workshp Report. Portland was not named in the study or with the map. Portland was identified by geography and street names.

Ground zero of the blast is near Swan Island. The company providing logistical support for Noble resolve is Swan Island Networks.
Map of 10 K Nuclear blast in Portland
Map of 10 K Nuclear blast in Portland
The Day After Workshop Report
The Day After Workshop Report

More on Wacker Siltronics near Ground Zero 20.Aug.2007 14:30

Concerned Portlander

Just north of the bridge is a little known German-owned company called Wacker that manufactures silicon for use in computer chips. My wife used to work there and from this I know that less than 1/4 mile from that "ground zero" image are large amounts of deadly chemicals including Arsenic, Iron (III) Chloride Ferric chloride, Ammonium persulfate, Ammonia, Hydrofluoric acid, and Liquid Oxygen. Also onsite is a small nuclear power reactor.

An explosion of the facility would be hugely disastrous. The liquid O2 would wipe out a 2-mile radius and the resulting chemical leaks would completely poison the Willamette river. Arsenic cloud would kill alot of people immediately.

Food for thought.

 link to maps.google.com


Correction on Wacker 20.Aug.2007 15:23

Concerned Portlander

I've just been correctedó I know that Wacker has the ability to stay powered in case of grid failure, but am unclear howó Diesel Generators? They do have their own power substation.