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imperialism & war


none, methinks

good job 13.Aug.2007 13:13


Karl Rove did a fine job. He will be rewarded with a cushy high paying job at Betchel, Dyncorp, Halliburton or the United Nations. Perhaps other nations will want his skills in liberating their constitutions out from under them too!

Oh by the way 13.Aug.2007 13:21


Satan will hire him!

his "title" was really figurative 13.Aug.2007 14:39


I agree that this doesn't make much of a difference in things, in politics, in what the White House does, etc...he'll still be George Bush's buddy, right? That won't change...

His title was largely symbolic, it seems, though he did get a government salary, (something like 80 grand a year?) Still, it make for good news this morning--it sounded better than it actually is.

This guy wasn't such a genius, in my opinion. I saw a Frontline about him a few years back--his initial claim to fame, before he latched onto the Bush family, was being among the first to master the use of a Xerox machine.

big diff! 13.Aug.2007 16:29

flora_b_1 flora_b_1@yahoo.com

when he goes underground into his hidey-hole, he's more of a menace than ever -- no longer even nominally accountable to the public, a free agent of sleaze. listen up: he's plotting to shred the electoral process even further. the somber tone at the press conference was all an act for the clueless MSM.

president's choice 15.Aug.2007 19:23

heckle and jeckle