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City Hall Plans to Protect Racists!

After a confrontation on Aug. 1st, City Hall now plans to have an officer present at future day labor center meetings to insure a safe space for anti-immigrant bigots.
On Aug. 1st City Hall held a planning meeting for a future Day Laborer center here in Portland Oregon. As expected the racist group Oregonians For Immigration Reform (OFIR)showed up to try to stop the city from aiding residents in need. Of course a number of local activists also showed up to call out these racist scumbags.

David Cross, one of the chief scumbags, was quoted in an OPB article [1] after the meeting. "You know, they followed us for about five blocks with a bullhorn, cursing us, all the way back to our parking garage. We waited in our car for about ten minutes, and they were still down there, when we were paying our parking tickets. And then one of the individuals followed us for about three blocks, pounding on our windows, flipping us off."

Seems like an appropriate response to me, but apparently not to Mayor Tom Potter's adviser Kevin Easton who said, "We're very disheartened to hear about that. We made a very specific effort to make sure that people who came with different views were respected."

WHAT? Why would Portland residents allow racist pieces of shit from out of town into city planning meetings?

Jeremy Van Keuren at the mayor's office seemed to understand the need to call out racists when he said, "Such behavior may be very unpleasant but it is not illegal." [2]

Still at the next meeting a police officer will be dispatched to City Hall to "keep the peace." This blatant attempt to protect racists is disgusting, and further shows the complicity of government, liberal or otherwise, to allow racists to spread messages of hate.

Fuck that!

[1]  http://news.opb.org/article/portland-day-laborer-site-plans-draw-controversy/

[2]  http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/Content?oid=387966&categ

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