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Martial Law and Noble Resolve

Noble Resolve 7-2 is a test of emergency management software. Same software was in place and tested during and after Hurricane Katrina. The test is being funded by Department of Homeland Security. PDF links below give information about effective resistance to martial law.
The software company, Swan Island Networks,  http://www.swanisland.net has close ties to NORTHCOM and NSA. Use search term "NORTHCOM" here at Portland Indymedia for extensive information about NORTHCOM and martial law  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/08/322932.shtml.

Noble Resolve may or may not become a "live" drill. The more it is publicized, the less likely we will have a 10 kiloton nuke detonated here. The threat of martial law remains regardless.

Here is one quick idea.. sense so many emergency response personnel
died in 9/11 we could appeal to some that we turn Noble Resolve from
a nuke mock event to a how to resist dictatorship from within. We
could get neighborhoods or districts to set up Truth Centers or
Truth Sit-Ins. Resources on non violent actions:

>From Dictatorship to Democracy Gene Sharp

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action


Nonviolent Struggle - 50 Crucial Points A Strategic Approach to
Everyday Tactics. Authors: (CANVAS) Srdja Popovic, Andrej
Milivojevic and Slobodan Djinovic

50 crucial points about Strategic Nonviolent Struggle


The Anti-Coup
by Gene Sharp and Bruce Jenkins

As coups are one of the primary ways through which dictatorships are
installed, this piece details measures that civilians, civil
society, and governments can take to prevent and block coups d'état
and executive usurpations. It also contains specific legislative
steps and other measures that governments and non-governmental
institutions can follow to prepare for anti-coup resistance. For
more information click here. 64 pp. 2003

Don't forget Noble Resolve, but... 13.Aug.2007 22:56


take a good look (Google it for DHS's scenario) at TOPOFF4 - Oct 15 - 24.
Noble Resolve seems like a shake-down drill, TOPOFF4 is much more "staffed" to go live.

Yikes 14.Aug.2007 15:31

Working Class Mama

This TOPOFF4 thing does sound pretty freaky. Here's the link I read:  link to blog.windelborn.net