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An Anarchist's Response to Noble Resolve

Lately I have seen many posts about a possible "false flag" (I just call it imperialism at work) attack involving Portland, OR. As an anarchist I have found the suggested response of calling and writing elected officials a waste of time. Don't beg for freedom. Fight for it!
Word has it that Homeland Security is going to be holding a terror drill in Portland in late August called Noble Resolve. This drill was going to be a nuclear strike scenario, but as of late has been changed to a volcano scenario. It sounds like the drill is going to cause national guard units, army, homeland security, and all the other folks we all have nightmares about to enter our town to practice for a martial law scenario.

Obviously, as an anarchist I do not want the government here. But, since they are coming anyway, we might as well give them a reason! We need to show that the people of Portland refuse to be obedient. Whether it is a round up of activists or natural disaster recovery the state is not wanted. We can take care of ourselves.

I find it hard to fathom how contacting our elected officials will help stop this terror drill. A drill that will make the local outlets of major corporations safer. Perhaps we can bring our anger to the front windows of these corporations. Perhaps we can bring our message to their CEO's cars or their west hill/Pearl houses/condos.

If they are preparing for civil unrest we should give it to them before they have time to practice!