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The NeoLiberal Adgenda....Wake Up Cascadians

I was reading parts of Mike Ruppert's "Crossing the Rubicon" and wanted to post this nice little paragraph about Mr Al Gore's involvement in the rape and pillage of the former Soviet empire. Before reading remember that Clinton and Al Gore and most Democrats adn Republicans are not "liberal" or "conservative", but are NeoLiberal (wiki definition below of NeoLiberal). Some have speculated that the real goal of the elite and their paid puppet politicians are to create debt, both national and private, so as to push an economic collapse greater than the Great Depression while before their companies reinvest in China, UAE (Halliburton just moved there) and other potential safe economic holdouts. Then after the economic crash these Corporatists will buy out your property, because most people would rather eat than own property if there is mass starvation. Their goal is to create NeoFeudalism and we are to be the serfs while the corporate elite (fascists) are the new nobility. Here is an example of the all humanitarian Democrat when they are in positions of power:

"Though the seeds had been planted by the outgoing first Bush administration, the US assistance program to facilitate Russia's transition to capitalism took off under the new Clinton administration in 1993. A task force headed by Vice President Al Gore, Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbot and involving exclusive US Treasury contracts with Goldman Sachs, the Harvard Institute for International Development, the IMF, and the World Bank worked in partnership with the government of Boris Yeltsin to remake the Russian economy. What happened was that Russia, in the words of Yeltsin himself, became a "mafiocracy" and was looted of more than $500 billion in assets; its economy was ruined, its currency destroyed, its population rendered desperate, and its ability to support a world-class military establishment smashed."
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