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Come out for Vegan Vacation 2007!

Please come out & join us for Vegan Vacation 2007! Events will be happening daily through the weekend, including Monday night. For more info, please see the PDX Indymedia calendar or our website:  http://www.veganvacation.net
Vegan Vacation FAQ

Why have a Vegan Vacation?
* To have a gathering of vegans from around the world to have an impact on the community, have fun, network, and meet in person to spend time with like-minded people.

Why Portland, Oregon?
* Portland has been considered the #1 Vegan-friendly city in America by PETA and GoVeg.com, and the #2 Vegan-friendly city in America by VegNews Magazine. Portland is the home of countless vegan-friendly restaurants, the home of many vegans and vegan organizations and businesses, and is full of great vegan people you will meet soon!

How long is the Vegan Vacation?
* The Vegan Vacation in Portland will be taking place from August 3-9. Feel free to come early or stay late.

Will there be downtime for me to do my own thing?
* Yes, there will be downtime everyday, mostly in the afternoons. Most days have two events, one in the morning, one in the evening. Other days have 3 events, but there will be downtime each day and participants are not required to attend every event, just ones you find interesting, or have availability to attend.

What do I need to bring?
* Check the itinerary on www.veganvacations.net to see what activities will be taking place and bring items accordingly. Some general suggestions: Camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, running shoes, spending money, athletic clothes, enough clothes to last a week if you are coming for the whole event (although there will be opportunities to wash clothing), a watch, and open mind.

Who is going to be there?
* The majority of the participants in the Portland Vegan Vacation will be residents of Portland and nearby areas. We also have vegans coming from as far away as Germany and the East Coast of the United States. We expect a few dozen people for each event and perhaps as many as 50-100 people for some events. Check the itinerary for events with limited occupancy (only two events).

What does VeganBodybuilding.com have to do with VeganVacations.net?
* Both websites are run by Robert Cheeke, and VeganBodybuilding.com was where the first Vegan Vacation was organised. This website (veganvacations.net) is for organising current and future vacations,  http://www.VeganBodybuilding.com is just how it started. You might like to pop over there and check it out!

Do I have to be into bodybuilding and fitness to come to the vacations?
* Not at all, we encourage anybody and everybody to come along, and join in with whatever you like. A vacation is a time to enjoy yourself, you choose what you enjoy doing, it's mainly a chance to meet up with lots of vegans at once.

Who should I contact with questions about the Vacations?
Robert Cheeke Phone: 541-231-6269 -  veganvaction@yahoo.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.veganvacations.net
phone: phone: 541-231-6269