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HOBO FILM FESTIVAL @Red and Black Aug. 3rd. 8pm. 2130 SE. Division st.

the first ever hobo film festival: A collection of feature length and short films about Train hopping, hitch hiking, and alternative travel from around the world.
The First National Hobo Film Fest. is a collection of films from around the world about train hopping, hitchhiking, and alternative travel and the sub-cultures surrounding these modes of travel. These films have been collected from sources around the world and encompass several independant feature length films and many shorts as well. The tour has been traveling around the US and will culmonate at the cenntennial anniversary of the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa. For anyone interested in alternative travel or independant Film, this event is a MUST SEE. It is possibly the most exstensive collection of films surrounding this genre , and definately the first festival of this kind. It will be held at the Red and Black @2130 SE. Division st. on Aug. 3rd and will start at 8pm. All proceeds will go to gas and helping the tour stay alive!

To find out more about our epic Film Journey, log onto theagentheadquarters.com

hope to see you all there!

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