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Kombucha Workshop this Saturday!!!

Learn to make your own kombucha with water, tea, sugar and a culture!
Kombucha Workshop this Saturday!!!

After a lovely and tasty weekend of fermentation and wild foods with Sandor Katz and Frank Cook, we're excited to offer more opportunities for learning healthy, natural, and efficient food preservation techniques at TLC Farm.

Local fermentation diva, Gretchen Westlight, is returning to TLC Farm to share her experience and knowledge with a variety of fermented beverages.

Making Kombucha: Saturday, August 4, 10am to Noon

Learn to make your own kombucha with water, tea, sugar and a culture!

Gretchen Westlight from Cascadia Commons, who has been brewing kombucha for years, will present instruction on how to make this enzyme-rich and healthful tonic, and offer tastings to demonstrate a variety of flavors and ingredients. Every participant will receive their own kombucha culture and set of instructions.

Sliding scale $15-25 (no one turned away for lack of funds). We invite you to register online to be sure of a spot:

You may also call TLC Farm at (503) 245-3847 or email  workshops@tryonfarm.org if you have questions

homepage: homepage: http://www.tryonfarm.org
phone: phone: 503.245.3847
address: address: 11640 SW Boones Ferry Road

This is why I love Indy media! 02.Aug.2007 23:04


Not only can you find out the truth about the world we live in (and try to make change) but you can learn how to make Kombucha too! I have been nursing the same culture for a year now and I feel (after getting used to the taste) 100% better and could not imagine going back to living with an unhealthy colon. My skin and gums look and feel better and I just have more energy. I also got turned on to hemp oil after some guy in Victoria, Canada swore he lost the baby fat from his cheeks, I have been on that too and guess what? Apparently because it is an "essential" fatty acid or essential key nutrient that helps you burn fat, you actually lose your frikkin' baby fat!!! Chicks dig it too.