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Peter DeFazio Speaks About Noble Resolve / Portland nuke scenario

Peter DeFazio does a radio interview and poo-poos Operation Noble Resolve as nothing to worry about in Portland. (Audio file)
According to our leaders, there is no reason to suspect Portland might be the target of a nuclear attack. Nope. Not in our city... nothing is being set up, nothing to see here. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

expected 02.Aug.2007 13:26


DeFazio's (and David Wu's) poo poos are expected. They are literally up against the people who killed the Kennedys. Wonder how many "hits" the Pelosi family has called?

Police state or organized crime state? Hard to tell the difference.

The up side is that all the publicity we are creating about Noble Resolve decreases the odds of it going live. Even the politicians' poo poos are a record to refer back to in the event of an actual false flag attack.

where's the file? 03.Aug.2007 07:33

another listener

wasn't able to listen to this - please try uploading the audio again!

The file is missing 14.Aug.2007 13:55


The audio file doesn't work. Does anyone have it and can upload?


Integrate with what? 20.Aug.2007 17:44

Anonymous whollybraille@netzero.net

My concern is to what degree the military computers have to interface with computers of emergency services - like police, fire, and more importantly, hospitals. In a real emergency, triage is necessary. If they want to make believe this is real, they'll need some interaction with local hospitals' databases. Right? Also, will their computers be interacting with those of Portland's that control traffic - auto, shipping, Trimet?