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Impeachment Demonstration at Blumenauers office

Were Blumenauer Operatives Behind Attempt to Silence Impeachment Protesters? Police were called out by security personnel in an attempt to intimidate and harass pro-impeachment demonstrators who were peacefully protesting Earl Blumenauer's refusal to honor his constituents' demand for the impeachment of the war criminals Dick Cheney and George Bush.... this time they were met by a "counter-demonstration" of sorts. The self-identified owner of the building and three security personnel, after first vainly attempting to locate "the leader" of the group, claimed that the demonstrators were illegally blocking the sidewalk outside Blumenauer's office.

comment: The South Side DFA group will be hosting an impeachment discussion with Willie Smith from Earl Blumenauer's office on Wednesday, Aug. 1st at the True Brew Coffee Shop, 3370 SE Milwaukie Ave. at 7pm.

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