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Were Blumenauer Operatives Behind Attempt to Silence Impeachment Protesters?

Police were called out by security personnel in an attempt to intimidate and harass pro-impeachment demonstrators who were peacefully protesting Earl Blumenauer's refusal to honor his constituents' demand for the impeachment of the war criminals Dick Cheney and George Bush.
A group of impeachment demonstrators met outside Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer's Portland office today for the second of their weekly vigils. The group of 30-35 enthusiastic activists, brought together initially by the call of Lonevet, was double the number who massed last Thursday, an indication that the local impeachment movement is picking up steam.

But this time they were met by a "counter-demonstration" of sorts. The self-identified owner of the building and three security personnel, after first vainly attempting to locate "the leader" of the group, claimed that the demonstrators were illegally blocking the sidewalk outside 729 NE Oregon St., the site of Blumenauer's office.

They appeared to be surprised when a copy of the U.S. Constitution (a document of some relevance in America at one time) was offered to them for their perusal, and when a lecture was delivered to them on Portland statutes which protect the right to assemble there. After continuing to harrass the protesters, "the owner" and his posse were advised that they should "call the cops if you think we're doing something illegal," which they did.

The two policemen who responded were polite but appeared to be confused about the issues involved. After speaking to some of the demonstrators, they huddled with the security personnel for some time before departing with a third policeman.

The anger of the security personnel was obvious following the failure of the police to arrest or cite; one of them said, "Fuck you," to someone who took a photo documenting the fact that security was the one "blocking" sidewalk traffic.

The event was marked by impeachment-messaged helium balloons, colorful signs and more colorful people. Letters requesting a debate with Blumenauer were delivered to his office personnel. One letter suggested that a pig wearing a bow tie and a bike helmet would take Earl's place in the debate if he decided not to attend, with the expectation that the pig will offer more intelligent reasons for not impeaching than Blumenauer himself has offered in the past.

The question is: Who was responsible for the attempt to interfere with this protest? If Blumenauer was not involved, then he should act immediately to protect the right of Portland citizens to legally assemble in the future.

And if Blumenauer is not a tool of the right wing of the left side of the single corporate party, he will IMPEACH.

80 percent of congress is spineless mind-controlled zombies 27.Jul.2007 02:07

disappointed by congress

Gee another spineless congress, who would have thought...

Ya figure someone would stand up for their country and their families, but they are all too crooked and blind to see the reality that is unfolding on us...

I hate sloppy math. 27.Jul.2007 04:40

number cruncher

We really need to be careful with statistics.
DBC writes "80%", but after hours of research and calculation, the number must be a least 95%.
Let's give congress their due regard. Nothing is gained if we are not meticulous with our facts and figures.

announcement of impeachment discussion with Blumenauer operative 27.Jul.2007 13:20

Howard W. Campbell Jr.

I received this message this morning:

The South Side DFA group will be hosting an impeachment discussion with
Willie Smith from Earl Blumenauer's office on Wednesday, Aug. 1st at
the True Brew Coffee Shop, 3370 SE Milwaukie Ave. at 7pm.

Let's pack the place and demand that Blumenauer himself represent his positions. And can someone please bring the pig? And how about George Bush from Jobs With Justice?

OK 28.Jul.2007 06:47


I will be there to ask where the hell is Blumenauer and why are democrats allowing him to hide on this issue---it is time!

See you all at:

The South Side DFA group will be hosting an impeachment discussion with
Willie Smith from Earl Blumenauer's office on Wednesday, Aug. 1st at
the True Brew Coffee Shop, 3370 SE Milwaukie Ave. at 7pm.


Dim Bulbs 27.Jul.2007 07:59

Den Mark, Vancouver

Most congresspeeps are such dim bulbs that they are incapable of understanding that history is MADE today, & merely READ ABOUT tomorrow. Blumenauer & Baird & such are not visionary. Vision takes more than glibness, which is what congress specializes in.

Representation, not leadership 27.Jul.2007 12:00

Brian the Green

While I think most Dems are pathetic, let us not forget that our form of government is about electing representatives, not leaders. WE ARE THE LEADERS and they are simply there to represent their constituents. Most fail on both regards since they are actually more concerned with their real role of protecting corporate interests.

Blumenauer is not stupid, weak , timid or ignorant 29.Jul.2007 13:24


Blumenauer knows the truth about U.S. policy, and his votes for authorization and funding in Iraq, and against ceasefire in Lebanon and Palestine are well considered. He is a leader and a "visionary". His vision is state/corporate dominance and suppression, and he is leading his lemming-like followers in that direction.

Willie Smith meeting cancelled 01.Aug.2007 12:33


A representative from Earl Blumenauer's office will NOT be attending the South Side Meetup tonight, August 1st at the True Brew Coffee shop. Please spread the word. Our normal monthly meeting will be working on the Iraq Memorial Flag Project. Please join us if you're interested in helping with this project. Thanks.