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Two weeks until the Convergences for Climate Action


In just two weeks -- August 8-14th -- regional North American Convergences for Climate Action will bring hundreds of social justice and environmental activists together to fight the fossil fuel empire and create truly sustainable, bio-regionally appropriate and community-based responses to climate change. The events on the West Coast and in the Southeast are modeled after the inspiring 2006 Climate Camp in the UK, which will reemerge this year at Heathrow Airport from August 14th-21st.

Part networking and activist skills training, part community sustainability demonstration site, the Convergences aim to invigorate the Climate Movement by pulling together communities of resistance. We aim to inject an anti-oppression, justice-focused agenda, and to demonstrate examples of truly sustainable, less energy-intensive lives that don?t depend on the oppression, thievery, and destruction attached to fossil fuel extraction.

Workshops at the convergences range in topics from using art in organizing, to understanding environmental racism, to building water catchment systems. The list of the west coast Convergence?s presenters include REDOIL (Resisting Environmental Destruction On Indigenous Lands), the Riot Folk Collective, Starhawk, and La Red Fronteriza de Salud y Ambiente (Border Health and Environment Network).


The Convergence for Climate Action August 8-14
The Convergence for Climate Action August 8-14
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