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Racist Biggot Proposes "No Immigrants Allowed" Signs in Columbia County

A prominent pain in the ass in Columbia County, one Wayne Mayo (Constitution Party), appeared before county commissioners this week to propose that this community declare itself an "Illegal Worker Free County." To that end, he has demanded stringent, new requirements for employers and landlords to prevent them from hiring or renting to so-called "illegals." He demands enhanced support from the Sheriff's office, and the enactment of a "citizen's complaint line" where we can snitch out our neighbors. Finally, he wants signs placed throughout the county, declaring us to be an "illegal worker-free county."
In an effort to sell his proposal (and to pump up his already prominent ego), Mayo has been making the rounds of willing corporate media shit-stirers all week. And, from the Statesman Journal to OPB, they have been dutifully recording that "Columbia County" is considering this proposal. As a resident of Columbia County, and a long-time neighbor of Mayo, I must call bullshit on that. Wayne Mayo does NOT speak for the people of Columbia County. He does not even speak for his own family, but that's probably another story all together. Mr. Mayo's ignorant little brand of hatred is overwhelmingly censured here. No, our community is not going to be putting up signs advertising racist xenophobia ala Mayo. No, we are NOT "considering" his proposal. It was all we could do not to drop kick this obnoxious blow-hard to the curb when he dragged this ridiculous idea into a commission meeting this week. Instead, he was politely asked to just sit back down and be quiet. By almost everyone there.

Marcy Westerling (Forgive me if I'm spelling that wrong, Marcy) from Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity (part of the Rural Organizing Project), was there to speak for the rest of us. She reminded us that small, hateful people like Mayo were once allowed to put up similar signs in other times: No Blacks allowed, No Jews, No Irish need apply.... She reminded Mr. Mayo that a lot of history has come and gone since that dark chapter in our past, and she spoke for all of us when she said that we will not be returning to those days. We are better than that now. Her words were received with much relief after Mr. Mayo's ridiculous outburst. The commissioners seemed unduly polilte to Mr. Mayo, but they gave a fairly clear indication that they tolerated him only out of habit. They have no intention of honoring his nasty request. Several commissioners expressed concerns about the legality of his proposal, not to mention the un-neighborliness of it. The chair very politely pointed out budget and legal issues, and told inquiring journalists that she "doesn't expect a vote any time soon" on anything like this.

I should add some context to this story that will likely be missing from any corporate media "reporting" on this issue. Mr. Mayo has been a self-promoting, hateful little man for a long time. The local newspapers (the Chronicle and the Spotlight) routinely print his nasty letters to the editor, and his grubby, liver-colored face has popped up at city hall and school board meetings to promote his extreme right, Christian (not as in WWJD, but as in What Would a Hypocrite Do) agenda. Aside from being racist, he is also homophobic and a misogynist. Sometimes, you can hear him ranting about these subjects on the radio show of his favorite idol, Lars Larson. In 1999, Mayo attended a school play, but marred the event by loudly yelling that the play was "the worst piece of trash I've ever seen!" Why would he insult student actors and cause an outburst like this in the middle of a school play? Well there were (GASP!) gay people in it. Mayo then went to the school board to noisily complain about the end of civilization as we know it. What a Big Man he is. This, by the way, was one of those subjects that he ranted to Larson about. With much hyperbole.

But it's not just Mayo's public persona that is so disgusting. His personal life is equally grotesque. He likes to call himself a "father and a family man." But the dark truth is, he's an abusive ass who believes that women are inferior to men, and that a wife must be subservient to her husband. He feels that it is his duty to God and Country to use physical "punishment" (aka abuse) against women and children. His own wife, after enduring his hate for many years and giving birth to at least 8 children, finally left him. This sent him over the edge. Since then, he's really been going off about uppity women, "femi-nazis," to use Rush Limbaugh's vocabulary, and "adulterers." He is a slum lord who called one of his tenants an "adulterer" after she left an abusive husband. He threatened another tenant with eviction because her children "used the F word." He forced her to go throughout the neighborhood, apologizing to neighbors for her son (I think he was about 6 years old), and demanded that she institute corporal punishment or he would throw her out. He told me this himself, as if he were proud of it. He said that children need to be beaten. He has no qualms about telling other people -- neighbors, friends, perfect strangers -- how to raise their children, and his prescription demands spanking, hitting, beating. He loudly defends this as being the way of a good Christian.


We don't listen to him when he tells us we should be hitting our children, and we're certainly not going to listen to him when he tells us we should be hanging signs around the county declaring our community to be "illegal worker-free." So no. Despite what you may have heard in the corporate media, the people of Columbia County are not "considering" this stupid proposal. It's just a lot of hateful words, spewed out by just one man.

corp media sucks 20.Jul.2007 09:48

as if you didn't know

KATU online has this issue in it's "official" poll. When I checked it out, 80% of those responding supported Mayo's idiotic proposition. So....corp media is touching on this story but once again slanting it and conducting ridiculous polls to 'prove a point'. It is all disgusting. If I ever see such a sigh in any community I will deface it and then take my money and my business elsewhere. As this poster stated so well, We ARE better than this!!!

Internet polls are garbage 20.Jul.2007 12:39


I wouldn't worry about the results of an internet poll, they aren't scientific and are often blatantly biased.

of course 20.Jul.2007 17:02


That was my point. Corp media polls are worthless unless you are part of the target audience. "Yeah, look here, I ain't alone in thinking this way".....

"Biggot-Free Zone" 22.Jul.2007 08:48

Columbia County resident

I am planning to make placards that say, "Columbia County is a Biggot-Free Zone" and post them around the county. Particularly around mr. Mayo's home. What an ass.

No. He does not speak for us.

Right on ,Columbia County Resident 22.Jul.2007 09:36

Vic vic_pittman@hotmail.com

Thats a great idea ! I have a sign business and will send the lettering for your signs for free.
I was considering doing the same thing myself.  vic_pittman@hotmail.com

Please be sure the signs declaring a bigot-free zone are properly spelled. 22.Jul.2007 15:32

CCCHD member

Of course, we'll have to wait to actually post them until Mayo and Ekstrom and the rest of the local "Constitution Party" bigots no longer reside in the county.

Bigot-Free Zone 22.Jul.2007 20:36

Columbia County resident

(Gulp.) You're right. Thanks. I will. :-)

And thanks, Vic!!!

Reporting a hard day of struggle around immigration 30.Jul.2007 16:06

Mike Edera marcy@rop.org

Reporting a hard day of struggle around immigration
Wednesday, July 18th was a tough day out here in Columbia County, with some serious lessons for our brothers and sisters in neighboring counties, and beyond.

Wednesday was the day that local right wing activist Wayne Mayo brought a reactionary anti-immigrant proposal to the Columbia County Board of Commissioners. The proposal expanded on an ordinance passed in Hazelton PA that barred landlords from renting to undocumented workers. Hazelton experienced an almost immediate loss of population, and serious loss of business revenue. But the facts certainly did not stand in the way of Mr Mayo, an ultra conservative well known in the community for leading crusades against the public schools, for allowing a gay-friendly play, the County Health Dept, for providing contraceptives to young women, against a video store that rented porno flicks, etc. etc.

Mr Mayo's proposal not only would bar landlords from renting to undocumented people, it called for posting 4'x8' placards at construction sites, declaring Columbia County an "Illegal worker-free zone', called for heavy local fines on employers who had undocumented workers on their staffs, and finally mandated investigations against suspected undocumented people be initiated by the County based on anonymous calls. He wrapped all this in an anti-terrorist justification (go figure).

Local human dignity activists mobilized and packed the Commission meeting to speak out against the proposal. Press was generated on OPB ( see below) and ABC affiliate KATU. The two commissioners present indicated the proposal would go nowhere. However, our feeling is that this was just step one, and that Mr Mayo and others could very well try for a ballot measure (his allies have been quite capable of getting measures on the local ballot).

The Rural Organizing Project has been tracking this type of activity around the country and many believe that the right-wing, with nothing else to offer the people, will make 2008 a year of bone-headed anti-immigrant battles (Columbia County Citizens for Human Dignity is a member group of the Rural Organizing Project).

Three lessons:
First - it's important to not be afraid of calling out the racism in these types of proposals. While there are underlaying economic issues, the prejudice expressed by most of the proponents was barely disguised. Many human dignity activists clearly pointed this out in their remarks.
Second - we need to think about the hard economic issues that drive people to look for simple answers like creating 'Illegal-Worker-Free Zones'. Many people are hurt when undocumented workers are exploited and wages are driven down. We should call for enforcement of the Wage and Hour Laws on the books. This enforcement has been lax because the right wingers so 'concerned' about 'illegal workers' are the same anti-tax crowd that has defunded the State Dept. of Labor.
We should also call for Livable Wage Ordinances that raise everyone's wages and help small business compete with exploiting. corporate contractors in the building trades. There are many other proposals that help working people without engaging in the divide-and-conquer strategy of pitting 'legal' vs 'illegal' workers.
Third lesson - solidarity. Unfortunately, two local Democratic precinct/union people testified for Wayne Mayo's proposal. Their remarks were pro-worker in 'theory', but practically, they were supporting one of the most committed local enemies of the Democratic Party, while dissing their own progressive allies - just because of an abstract theory and a bad analysis. The day certainly brought out the value of having a local Human Dignity Group that works for a set of values: inclusion, democracy, economic justice, and is not just concerned with electoral politics. We need both Party activists and Human Dignity activists, and sometimes it's important to act on principle and let the chips fall where they may. The value of having Human Dignity Groups linked across the state through the ROP should also be obvious. We can then share information and support each other when times get tough.
Mike Edera

Bigotry and Hatred? 05.Oct.2007 14:09

A. A. Bernal, M.T.S. aabernal@silverstar.com

This response is to the article written by, "St. Helens Resident" concerned with "No Immigrants Allowed" signs in Columbia County. Although I don't entirely agree with Mr. Mayo's approach to solving the immigration issue, I don't have a problem with his right to voice concern, nor his right to offer some-kind of solution. Unfortunately, the "resident" didn't place his/her name on the article. (Most likely to avoid being personally attacked as well.) Anyhow, there are several misrepresentations and accusations in the article that need to be addressed: (1) The sign is to read, "Illegal-Worker-Free-Zone" not, "No Immigrants Allowed." (By the way, U.S. law prohibits misrepresentation of employment credentials to any employer--including residents, and/or nonresidents. When a false S.S.N. and false identification card is used, it is a federal offense. Therefore, non-residents break "Federal Law" each and everyday they remain in the U.S., and employers who look the other way are breaking Federal Law as well. This is not racial bigotry, hatred, or any other accusative conclusion; It is merely the LAW! Hence; the term--illegal immigrants. Thus, the need for immigration reform.) (2) The majority of U.S. citizens today come from immigrant families (including mi familia); therefore, to state, "No Immigrants Allowed" is to misuse the term, "immigrant." What Mr. Mayo is trying to accomplish is to have citizens and LEGAL immigrants adhere to the law of the land. Since when is upholding the law, wrong? (3) In typical fashion, personal attacks and wrong accusations are the norm for liberals and secular progressives--instead of solutions. The "St. Helens Resident" didn't offer solutions (Probably because he/she denies that there is even a crisis at all.) (4) I have never heard Mr. Mayo advocate "abuse," neither spousal nor child abuse for that matter! If anyone has ever met the Mayo children you would see that these kids are well-rounded and honorable children, despite Mr., and former Mrs. Mayo's differences. They (the Mayo's) disciplined their children for various wrong-doings, and any parent would be honored to have his/her child model after the Mayo kids. Sure they have thier issues, but overall they are wonderful kids. (Now adults with two being teenagers.) (5) Ms. Mayo did not leave him, he divorced her for marital issues that are, frankly, no one's business! (6) Mr. Mayo may be somewhat narcissistic (okay, overly narcissitic); however, I have never seen him "make" his "woman" be submissive. (It is obviously apparent that "St. Helens Resident" has personal issues with Mr. Mayo, rather than true concern over this countrie's issues. And, if anyone knows the former Mrs. Mayo at all, you would know that she can't be made to do anything she doesn't want to do. She is confident, smart, and secure as a person regardless of what people think.) And, (7) I had a very hard time trying to determine who was the "hater" and "biggot" in the artical. If a person can slander and destroy a person's character or reputation through false misrepresentation of the person, then bigotry HAS occurred. Apparently, "St. Helens Resident" wants to have his/her cup-of-tea (American freedoms), but doesn't allow, or permit the same, for anyone else to relish in his freedoms. Usually, a staunch liberal (just a guess about "St. Helens Resident") crys, screams, rants, and raves over his/her "rights" and "freedoms" to the point of personal anger and hatred towards those that oppose his/her ideas. Who is the biggot? Who is the hater? (Hmmm.) Again, I don't agree with Mr. Mayo's idea of signage; however, I do agree with his right to voice concern and offer a solution. His solution may be off-kilter; nevertheless, he has the right--like any other person in this country--to voice a solution without provocation to lesser standards of slander, bigorty, hatred, and unfounded bias. "St. Helens Resident" probably couldn't accept Mr. Mayo opening his mouth, so he/she had to see to it personally that this, "Big Man" be stopped. Sadly, to "Residents" dismay, (it), (I'm tired of using politically correct he/she) is the one that appears to be coming off as the biggot and hater. Nevermind that there were others that "hoo-rayed" (It's) spewage! How sad that (It's) solution to the signage proposal was to slander and attack, rather than offer a solution. Finally, regarding (It) when a writer normally uses "quotation marks" he is actually writtng the opposite, e.g., "Boy, . . . that tiny fish is a real "keeper" wink, wink." So, when I refer to "St. Helens Resident" in quotation marks, I am really saying that if (It) cannot use (It's) name, then is (It) truly concerned for the residents of Columbia County? (Wow, Dr. Seuss would be jealous!) Regarding Mr. Mayo: Well, let's just say, ". . . that is AD/HD Wayne being AD/HD Wayne." (No offense Wayne. I am the same way. By the way, what was I talking about. . . .) . . . Oh, I remember, (For those of you that don't have ADD or AD/HD I apologize.) Immigration Reform! In order to not be hypocritical let me offer a solution after my rant and rave above. (1) Grant every person coming across the border an immidiate work-visa for 9 months. This allows for workers and those that are wanting to better their lives financially to remain citizens of thier countries and an opportunity to succeed. (They would not be allowed to return for 3 months out of the year.) Furthermore, they will only be allowed a work-visa for 10 years in a row, or they can utilize their 10 years over periods of time. After their visa is used up, they will have to wait no less than 5 years prior to renewing the visa. This would allow ample amount of time to work at becoming a U.S. Citizen.) (2) Give out a S.S.N. with the following format: M123-45-6789 (For Mexicans); C123-45-6789 (Canadians); UK123-45-6789 (United Kigdom), and so forth. (This will allow the government to render to Ceasar what is Ceasar's.) (3) Tax ALL work-visas a 35% straight tax. (These funds will be earmarked and put into a separate fund called, "Non-U.S. Citizen Fund." These monies will go to reimburse U.S. families for accidents, and crimes committed by non-U.S. Citizens. Also, these monies will be used to pay for the health costs, partial education, and legal cost incurred by non-U.S. Citizens.) If there are 12,000,000 non-U.S. Citizens making an average of 6.00/hr., this accumilates to @ 25.2 million dollars annually. Granted many work-visas are given to those that come from more affluient countries, i.e., Canada, Europe, England, etc. If the average wage comes to $10.00/hr., the fund could reach 42 million annually.) (4) Convict, sentence, and treat non-U.S. Citizens with dignity under U.S. law. (After the sentence is served, export them back to their country of origin with no re-entry rights for a minimum of 10 years. Also, those that commit murder and other horrific crimes will be baned from this country for life--They do not have the same protection under the U.S. Constitution as Citizens, regardless of what rogue judges says they do. (5) Offer English immersion classes and allow children to attend public schools. (This gives non-U.S. Citizen parents the opportunity to be involved in their children's education.) Work-visa's can/will accomodate families by allowing the visa to extend for the school year. (6) Allow non-U.S. Citizens to purchase and drive cars under their ID's and S.S.N. given to them at the point of entry. They will be required to carry liability insurance just like citizens, with repercussions if driving without. When American's go over seas they are allowed to rent cars, etc. The same right should be granted to non-U.S. Citizens. And, (7) Require every American to get to know and become friends with at least 10 non-U.S. Citizens. (Okay, I can't require this, but how many walls are broken down when lines of predijucy are crossed.) The above proposal will be a good start. I realize that there are problems with the proposal; however, what politician actually has the "chutzpah" (The other heritage I have--way on down the line.) to offer anything better? Adrian A. Bernal, M.T.S. (candidate) Former resident of Columbia County

PstdfpPLs 30.Dec.2007 19:03

OApfhxwTzTIvpqRZaL ivadhn@xmemjw.com


I completely agree 05.Jul.2008 21:06

another St. Helens resident

As another resident of Columbia County, I completely agree with the sentiment that Wayne Mayo is a troublemaker and a thinly veiled racist among other things. Unfortunately, he has received enough signatures to put his measures on the ballot for this November, and it's up to the conscientious voters of this county to smack down this ridiculous proposal and to declare that we will not put up with this kind of racism or behavior in our county.

Your Children's Bio 13.Aug.2008 14:48


And which child was it Mr. Mayo that showed up at the recent Columbia County Chamber of Commerce meeting with the Minute Men and sporting a mohawk?

Childrens Bios 13.Aug.2008 15:08


So which one of your childen was it who showed up at a recent Columbia County Chamber of Commerce meeting with a group of Minute Men, sporting a mohawk, and scowling at everyone in the room?


Slanderous accusations 06.Jul.2019 07:21

Wayne Mayo wayne_mayo54@hotmail.com

I've written numerous articles for publication. I have 8 grown children who would gladly sit for an interview regarding my private views towards race. Ask them.

I believe anyone can be honest, hard-working, gentle, kind, thoughtful; Anyone.

If you can't find a quote, can't find a comment among my 8 children, can't find a letter in any publication to substantiate your slander, how can you, Mike Edera, call me anything?

We've never met. I wouldn't know you if I saw you at the market.

http://32452 J P West
32452 J P West


his info 20.Jul.2007 18:21


Talk to Mr. Mayo 21.Jul.2007 08:00


Many of your comments were lacking attribution and did not address the issue at hand.

Rather than trying to suppress Mr. Mayo, why don't you try talking to him? He is fearful about the huge number of immigrants just as the First Nations were fearful.

Do you have a solution to offer Mr. Mayo? Do you propose open borders or closed borders? How about stoping the siphoning of our money to Latin America and vice versa? How about no foreign aid to despotic regimes south of the border? How about dismantling the Federal Reserve?

It is possible for you and Mr. Mayo to reach an agreement.

"Rather than trying to suppress Mr. Mayo, why don't you try talking to him?" 21.Jul.2007 09:21

Another St Helens Resident

Ha. Well, while that make sense in the case of some people, Mr. Mayo does not "talk." He lectures, pontificates, demands, and issues decrees. He is always right. The non-Christian hordes are to be loathed and ignored. As for comments lacking attribution, they came right from Mr. Mayo's mouth. This is apparently a first-hand account of Mayo's attempt to introduce this racist crap at the last county commissioners meeting. Because this is exactly what happend, and what he said.

It really bothers me when people require some kind of "attribution" or "sources" other than the first-hand account being posted by an eye witness here on Indymedia. What they really mean is, "I have been programmed not to accept anything as truth unless I see it in the corporate media." That is a dangerous way of thinking, since the corporate media is so full of lies.

But if this person really needs a fix from the corporate media before accepting that Mayo is a racist ass, here is the corporate media version (note the implication that this is something "columbia county" is "considering," not just something Wayne Mayo crappped out at a county meeting.

OPB's version:
 link to publicbroadcasting.net

Oh, here's how KATU introduces this whole subject:

"COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ore. - The massive new 40-foot by 18-foot flag in front of the Columbia County Courthouse, along with smaller flags on nearby homes, boats, and cars, shows how deeply some locals are dedicated to law and order.

One local resident, Wayne Mayo, says what is happening in Columbia County and across the United States hardly reflects American ideals when it comes to illegal immigration."  http://www.katu.com/news/8597962.html

Nothing biased here! God country, flags, America. The rule of Law. Supposedly, out here in good ol COlumbia County, we are dedicated to those things, and as a corollary, to Wayne Mayo's racism.

Statesman Journal version:  link to www.statesmanjournal.com

So that's the one-dimensional, but acceptable-to-liberals, corporate media version. Feel better? Now here is something better. It's not corporate media, so take a deep breath. This is actually someone posting for themselves:  http://grumpyforester.blogspot.com/2007/07/chasing-brown-people-out-of-oregon.html This person points out that Mr. Mayo's incentives for offering this proposal are more self-serving then simple racism. You see, Mayo is a construction contractor. He's way too white and racist to ever hire any brown person on his crew. It's not law and order, it's racism. So he wants the county to help him use that fact against other contractors, who might hire brown people. Now I don't support contractors who pay lower wages to "illegal" immigrants, but I also don't support Mayo, who pays nearly nothing to his own workers but could never countenance a brown person on his work crew.

Oh. Here's something interesting. A right-wing, Christian "news" blog about the evils of homosexuality in our school system. Scroll down far enough, and there it is. Wayne Mayo, posting in his own words, about the incident at the school play. He freely admits to loudly disrupting the children's play because he didn't like the gay people in it.  http://www.onenewsnow.com/2007/07/md_school_board_under_fire_for.php

You can talk to Mayo if you want to, Californian. But I live here in the same town with him. I know him well. And believe me, there is no talking to Wayne Mayo. In his mind, there is no one else but him. It is his mission to show the rest of us how to live a Christian life like he does: Beat your kids, beat your wife, beat up gay people, beat up brown people, make a lot of money, and fly your flags.

Agreed 22.Jul.2007 22:20


"Biggott"? Yeah, I'll take you seriously. I don't know who this guy is, but I wouldn't consider him a threat. But I can see your concern. After all, as long as the, ahem, undocumented individuals live in your area, I'll agree to the BIGOT FREE ZONE signs. Better make sure they're in Spanish, as no one will be able to understand them. Morons.

Yeah, that's not all he butts in to 23.Jul.2007 04:28

FORMER Columbia County Resident

Wayne Mayo. That name has filled my throat with bile for years. If ANYONE needed to be struck by lightning it is that man. Not only does he have his head up the political system of Col. County, but he also sees fit to butt into, say..the public school system. politely threatening teachers with veiled threats if they didn't comply with his standards of learning...which involve the complete erasure of women in the Vietnam war, saying that the AIDS virus came from African homosexuals, and many many other wonderful things. He even forbade his son, who's name I shan't mention here, to shower with the other boys on the wrestling team for fear that he might catch the gay. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. If you're reading this Wayne..you've seen me around. I'm the guy in black staring you down every fucking chance I get. You drive a mini-cooper. You live in Yankton. I'd have a change of heart if I was you Mr. Mayo.

One question 23.Jul.2007 11:58

Border dude

Why should mexicans get a free ride in any country they want but if I want to live in canada I can't just show up without being deported, I have to go through a stringent process my self. Or the UK for that matter.
How come they should get a free ride while the rest of us work????


What a nasty, misguided article by someone with an axe to grind 23.Jul.2007 20:09

a friend

My, my . . . what a hateful, spiteful article! The whole tone seems to be exactly what the writer is accusing Mr. Mayo of - unreasoning hatred of someone who believes differently than you do. And such a personal agenda! As someone who knows Mr. Mayo, his passion and strong opinions are well-known. As are his kindness, his love for his family, and his sincerity. The comments about his divorce, children and attitude toward women are seriously skewed and taken out of context. Interestingly enough, I have been following the illegal worker story, reading blogs and posts and listening to talk shows and the majority are in sympathy with Mr. Mayo on this topic. Only a few misguided souls feel the need to get personal and mount petty, childish attacks on his character. This is about a very real issue. If you don't like his proposals, offer some solutions of your own. Let's leave the "hate-mongering" against Mr. Mayo out of it.

Answer 23.Jul.2007 20:12

to Border Dude

"How come they should get a free ride while the rest of us work????"

First, Border Dude, your question smacks of racism. The people who come to the US from Mexico ARE working. Duh.

Second, the US is plundering countries all over South and Central America, and yes to some extent, even Mexico, stealing all their resources and keeping people in poverty. Why shouldn't they be able to share in the wealth?

Third, and perhaps more to your concern itself, the rest of us should be free to go wherever we want to go also. Laws that control the movement of populations are disgusting. They should all be abolished. The earth belongs to all of us. If you want to go to Canada, fucking go. If I want to go to Canada, or Mexico, or Venezuela, I should be able to go. And if someone from Mexico, or Guatemala, or Ecuador, or wherever, wants to come to the US, they should be able to.

an axe to grind...maybe... 23.Jul.2007 22:33

FORMER Columbia County Resident

An axe to grind? Perhaps. Have you ever met this man? Have you ever bared his self righteousness? Ever you ever seen him make a grown woman cry because she was merely doing her her job? Has he ever told you that you're going to hell and that you will be sodomized by the devil for your sins? Probably not. I have seen all of this. While Mr. Mayo is entitled to ideas and opinions, as we all our due to our constitutional right - what he is proposing is just wrong. It goes against everything this country was founded on. "Give us your poor, give us your tired, give us your hungry."

It's people like Wayne Mayo that give small towns like St. Helens bad names. It's people like Wayne Mayo that make teenagers afraid to go to high school. It's people like Wayne Mayo who advocate hate and prejudice. I can say with all due honesty - I hate that man.

Getting personal 24.Jul.2007 08:41

A friendlier friend

"Interestingly enough, I have been following the illegal worker story, reading blogs and posts and listening to talk shows and the majority are in sympathy with Mr. Mayo on this topic."

Um, no. You have been following the right wing talk show circuit. The rest of us have been out on the streets, marching with millions who support the freedom and right of all people to live where they want and to take part in the so-called "global economy." This euphemism should not just mean the freedom of giant, gluttonous corporations to take over whatever they want and relocate wherever the laws and regulations protecting workers and the environment are weakest. It should mean all of us are free to choose where we want to go, to live, to work.

Your impression that "the majority" are on Mayo's side is skewed by Lars (oily fat ass) Larson and Rush (drug addict) Limbaugh and Pat (hire-me-an-assassin) Robertson.

And Wayne Mayo does not speak for me, or for anyone I know. And I am from Columbia County also. We do not support his ridiculous proposal. It's hateful.

Patriot until it comes to his wallet 25.Jul.2007 06:38


Last time I checked , Mini Coopers were not American cars. I guess Mayos patriotism doesnt extend all the way to his wallet. Nothing more inspiring than seeing a Subaru ( or Mini-Cooper) with a made-in-China "UNITED WE STAND" magnet on it.

Deedle-dee hyuk hyuk 25.Jul.2007 11:35


And this is the same county that is trying to get the Vernonia HS principal to step down, because he smoked some reefer, and as far as I know, responsibly at that. No offense to the more open-minded people of Columbia county, but is it any wonder he needed to get away and get high after having to deal with these uptight hicks all year? At least the school district has enough sense not to fire him.

Missed the whole point, bonehead (To Vemony) 25.Jul.2007 14:09


Uh, if you read the article, by a citizen of Columbia County, or if you read any of the comments, also by people from Columbia County, you would not have made such a smug, elitist comment. The entire point is that the people of Columbia County do NOT support this stupid proposal, and are NOT "hicks."

You are kind of an elitist ass, btw, to be calling people "hicks" and making stupid assumptions about them, based on where they live. I don't know where you're from, but I'm in Portland, where Wilson High just tried to suspend and punish a student for planting freaking MARIGOLDs. Marigolds. In the shape of a peace sign. So really, if you're from here in "the big city," you have absolutely no room to talk. You live in a glass house, the same as everybody else.

Elitism and snobbery against rural people is just the height of stupid arrogance. I get really tired of that.

bah 26.Jul.2007 11:26


You know, that man gets on my nerve. I barely know him and I can say I dislike him. Even though I don't live there now, St. Helens will always be my home. I visit frequently, so if you need help, let me know.

That 's it 19.Aug.2007 12:33

Julie a Columbia County resident

If this insane crap comes to pass, I will not live in Columbia County. I refuse to live in a county where a majority of the population are one-tooth, ignorant inbred dumb-ass country morons with IQ's smaller than their shoe sizes.

How DARE you, Columbia County! Show me I'm wrong, please. Otherwise, I'll put Columbia Cuonty on the map for being the most ingnorant, unenlightened county in the country.

And I sure won't stay here. I wouldn't sttop so low as to continue to associate myself with people like this.

Mayo, YOU are an idiot. You need to go back to the hayseed place you came from.
You turn my stomach!

People who slander and then won't sign their names 06.Feb.2008 16:02

Wayne Mayo wayne_mayo54@hotmail.com

Let's see. My oldest daughter; Class President, Mayorial Commendation for saving a woman's life in 1996 when she was 15,married 3 children, wonderful husband. Second daughter Valedictorian; lst academically in the School of Business at Santa Clara University. Married and now a CPA. Third child survived Leukemia; top of his class. Captain of the OSU Rugby team; Graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. All year long citizenship award in High School. Fourth child, citizenship awards, pre-med graduate, published in the study of cancer cells. 5th Child Sophomore at OSU business; Air Force ROTC, won the ironman competition as well as the citizenship (all year) when in High School. 6th child won the All year citizenship award two years out of 4 at the high school. Will graduate this year and go to Oregon State. Last child,#7 Good student, hard worker, football Quarterback, linebacker, wrestler, since the divorce he and his brother have lived with me for the last two years. This isn't a reflection of their feelings for their mother; they love her. But boys need their Dad.

In response to the the woman who commented on my landlording. My tenants have permission to call "Stan's Refrigeration" to repair any appliance malfunction without even calling me. That is policy. All the bathrooms in my rentals all have ceramic tiled, nice bathrooms. The one she is refering to has hardwood entry, natural gas furnace with forced air, and a fire place. Now it has a new granite countertop in the kitchen. Some slum.

Go ahead and slander me, but sign your stuff or go back under the rock you came out from.

People who push their hatred off on others 07.Nov.2008 23:06

Wayne Mayo Sucks

Mr. Mayo, you are so squeaky white, aren't you? Aren't you just the most perfect man you've ever seen.

I can't find the comment you are referring to by the "woman who commented on your landlording." I checked twice. Maybe I just missed it. But I can tell you that I know just what kind of a "landlord" you are. You are abusive, controlling, interfering, self righteous, and hateful. You believe that you have a God-given right to ensure that people who rent from you also think just like you, talk like you, and respect your place at the top of your little hierarchy. You only rent to squeaky white people like yourself. You are the kind of landlord who lets your male tenant beat his wife and children for years without interfering. But when that wife finally throws out the abusive husband, you tell her that she is an "adulterer" if she does not take him back. You tell her that she and her children are going to hell if she does not take him back. You project your own insecurities about your pathetic excuse for manhood upon others, and you are threatened by a free woman. So you do everything you can to control and harass such a woman, and you constantly threaten to throw her out on the street if she does not comply with your wishes. But you would probably never actually throw her out, because you are secretly attracted to her, and you get off on the power you think you have. So when she calls your bluff and moved out, you totally freak out.

THAT is what kind of landlord you are. Mayo.