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Support Lonevet : Pressure Blumenauer On Impeachment This Thursday

Joe Walsh (Lonevet) has put out the call to pressure Earl Blumenauer to change his anti-impeachment stance. Joe will be challenging Earl to a debate beginning Thursday at noon at Blumenauer's Portland office: 729 N.E. Oregon Street Suite 115. We should be there too.
Many of us have repeatedly tried to move Earl Blumenauer, our Oregon non-representative to the House of Representatives, to the center of the political spectrum.

Late last year, when a group of "civil resisters" knelt before Earl in his office to kiss his ring and to beg him to sign their "declaration of peace", Blumenauer outfoxed them by agreeing to a Bush-like "signing statement" of his own version of the declaration, refusing to endorse the most important part of the campaign, the McGovern Ammendment, which would have cut off funds for Iraq war-mongering.

In February of this year, at an "anti-war" meeting at a bakery in North Portland, Earl weaseled out of supporting progressive legislation (H.R. 508), instead presenting his own H.R. 663 ("New Direction for Iraq Act"), a masterfully constructed bit of fluff. His constituents, including a man whose son was stationed in Iraq, expressed anger and impatience with Blumenauer and his DLC comrades for their obfuscation of those issues which they most cared about: defunding the occupation of Iraq, impeachment of war criminals, and ending the support of US-Israel in the Middle East. In response to a direct challenge to him to pledge to vote against the next "emergency supplemental" $100 billion gift to Bush and Cheney, Blumenauer angrily claimed that he couldn't agree to vote against something he hadn't seen yet. (He ended up seeing it and voting for it, as we knew he would.)

It was also at this meeting that Blumenauer reprimanded Joe Walsh like a school marm to a schoolboy for Joe's insistence that Bush was a "lunatic" who needed to be impeached before he did even more damage. (Apparently Earl believes that calling someone a lunatic is worse than committing crimes against humanity.)

Blumenauer is opposed to impeaching some of the foulest criminals in the history of the world, who are guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against the U.S. Constitution.

Earl's arguments against impeachment have been varied: impeachment would divert energy from the Democrat agenda; it would traumatize the population; we don't have enough votes now; it would interfere with winning the next election; we don't have enough time before the end of the Bush Administration. The answers to these arguments are obvious: the Democrats have failed to meaningfully advance any peace and justice agenda; the population is already traumatized; the votes against Nixon weren't "there" until the process was begun; the next election might be stolen again or not happen at all if we allow Bush and Cheney to continue their regime of militarism and lawlessness; the time to impeach would be short because the issues are salient (see articles of impeachment from Elizabeth de la Vega, Elizabeth Holtzman, Ramsey Clark, etc).

Lonevet Joe Walsh is throwing down the gauntlet one more time and we need to support him as well as to demand that the peoples' representative observe his oath to uphold the Constitution. Come on Surge Brigade. Come on Vets Against the War. Come on Code Pink. Come on Military Resistance Group. Come on Black Bloc!

How About Asking George Bush To Pay Another Visit? 17.Jul.2007 14:15

Burl Doomenauer


I liked meeting with George Bush. It was nice that he thanked me for the services I've rendered to him. We Republicans and Democrats need to stick together on the issues that count: supporting the troops and the war of terror, "free" trade for the rich, increasing corporate health care and attacking single payer, keeping all options on the table for Iran, that sort of stuff.


Democracy 17.Jul.2007 13:35


And COME ON EVERYONE who wants to see impeachment back on the table. PARTICIPATE! This is your opportunity to stand up and see DEMOCRACY in action!