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Goings On at USCENTCOM Point to 911 INSIDE JOB!

CENTCOM Top Secret War Game Drill Involving Scenarios Including Flying a Plane into the Twin Towers and Pentagon: What Happened at CENTCOM The Day Before and Day of September 11.
Sergeant LJ Chavez relates what he saw and heard in the SCIF (Secured Compartmental Information Facility command bunker) at CentCom (in charge of the Middle East sector) at MacDill AFB in Florida before and on September 11.

As he worked on a computer belonging to a government psychological operations commander the day before September 11, Sergeant LJ Chavez, an army computer repair technician, saw on the commander's desk the op orders marked "top secret" for a war game drill USCENTCOM was participating in that day. LJ Chavez was shocked to see such a drill classified as "top secret" because over his 8 years in the army and participating himself in several dozen war game drills, he had never seen one that was even "secret" much less "top secret." It was virtually unheard of to have a war game drill be top secret. Usually such drills are public and open and the information is shared with the area involved in the drill. For example, in the case of war game drills involving planes, the necessary information would be piped to air traffic controllers in the area showing the planes involved in the drill as red blips on the screen.

The possible scenarios for the war game drill included a car bomb attack or flying a plane into a variety of targets including a California nuclear power plant, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the White House, the Sears Tower, and Cent Com itself.

The next day, on September 11, 2001, as Sergeant LJ Chavez and the 8-9 Lt Colonels and Colonels clustered in front of the Big Screen in the SCIF on September 11 watching the CNN footage of the South Tower after it was hit, and the Pentagon was hit, the officers openly wondered why jets had not been sent up to intercept the hijacked jets, which was standard procedure. The designated liaison to NORAD, a full bird air force colonel, the information interface with NORAD, was asked why NORAD didn't scramble planes, which would have been standard procedure, they were told that NORAD had received an order to stand down.

About that time the second tower came down.

At the end of Sergeant LJ Chavez' story about what he saw and learned, he relates that he stood beside a Lt General who used to be the Commander of the Army Corps of Engineer. This Lt General had taught classes on controlled demolition, which is used by the military to bring down bridges, buildings, and other civil engineering needs. As the two of them stood together and watched the big screen with WTC7 collapsing, this is what the Lt General said to LJ Chavez:

The Lt General said:
"This isn't right. Buildings don't fall like that.
This is a perfectly done controlled demolition!"

Those of us who have studied government sponsored terrorism such as September 11 and the July 7 bombing in London know that inside job terror events are often organized within the context of a planned terror drill.

Was September 11 as many suspected a psychological operation conducted against the American people to jumpstart plans including an invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq? This damning account confirms what researchers have concluded about the events of September 11: that they were a government operation disguised within the context of numerous planned war game drills that were taking place on September 11.

Would more terror be staged to justify more agenda items such as attacking Iran or as a justification for the North American Union ("Fortress America")? Such events are easy to slip into an already planned war game drill which somehow goes "real time."
I hope you can watch the below documentary film, Terror Storm, to get a better understanding of government sponsored terror.


LJ Chavez
September 25, 2006
(The discussion starts at 27 minutes)
AUDIO  http://tinyurl.com/ywafjt

continued (first 15 minutes)
AUDIO  http://tinyurl.com/yql7ob

Veterans for 911 Truth back up audio for this interview:
(Scroll down to "listen to Lauro on Alex Jones")


September 26, 2006 hour 2 AUDIO  http://tinyurl.com/2ask77

September 28, 2006 hour 2 AUDIO  http://tinyurl.com/28upub

CENTCOM Sergeant Details Traitorous Stand Down Orders On 9/11
Military whistleblower comes forward with key information
September 26, 2006  http://tinyurl.com/gvg5b
(This article also has a link to the original LJ Chavez audio interview)

Army DD-214 for LJ Chavez (pdf document)  http://tinyurl.com/28j64j

Documentary Film Terror Storm
VIDEO  http://tinyurl.com/26adp2
(If the link goes down check video.google.com for a new link)

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