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Help Co-Create Burning Man Earth Temple This Sunday at Laurelhurst!

There once was a tree of light,
that carried her branches tall through the night,
That awoke at dawn to sing a new song
bringing a story of hope when none was in sight...

Join us at Laurelhurst park this Sunday, July 8th, from 2-5pm to build such a tree!
Called the Temple of the Sacred Mother, be a part of the creation of this visionary Tree of Life Earth Temple and the awakening dreams it holds!
Awakening Consciousness...Burning Man & Beyond
Awakening Consciousness...Burning Man & Beyond
Come one, come all, to help create a giant vision for a New World...The Temple of the Sacred Mother is a Visionary Earth Temple Art installation taking form as an Ancient Old Growth Tree of Life, built from thousands of prayer flags carrying our hopes and visions for the New Earth we wish to bring into being, along with individual pledges to set these visions into motion.

Travelling on a veggie-oil bus & debuting at this year's "Green Man" themed Burning Man, the Temple seeks to open space in our collective consciousness to create the world we wish to share with the rest of Humanity and all Creatures, Plants, and Spirits of the Earth, through the Visioning and Manifestation of a World in Harmony and Balance. As we unplug the energy of our bodies and minds from an Old World based on destruction, it is time to awaken VisionW of a New Dream, to spell it out, and to replace the ever-present images of war and consumption with more powerful symbols of Peace and the Earth's Rebirth! With each prayer flag added the Temple we affirm our ability to VISION & MANIFEST this world, as everything in existance can only come to fruition through our mind's eye.

The Temple, made up of 49 branches from a reclaimed military parachute, will be cut into prayer flags this Sunday at Laurelhurst park from 2-5pm. Feed the earth, be a part of an exciting art installation, and add your visions to the temple! Bring sharp scissors and extra sharpies if you have them, CD's, guitars, snacks, drums, whatever! Meet on the field between the North entrance (SE Ankeny & SE Laurelhurst Pl.) and the lake. Complimentary Playa Dust will be provided.

To read the full description of the Temple, get involved, or contribute art or funds, check out  http://tribes.tribe.net/sacredmother

P.S. - What do your visions look like & How will you manifest them!?

Remembering the Sacred Mother

As our Earth Mother spirals on the brink of abyss,
we have been holding breath to see what will come next,
beneath her moans she sings a song of hope,
that whispers to us in the night...

It is time to dream a new dream,
It is time to awaken, my children to a new sight.
A vision born on high, to carry you with wings of connection,
over the coming collapse of the earth's oppression,

For she has been in chains too long,
and only our vision can set her free,
... free to fly, free to be, free to live in harmony, in joy, in light,
Come my children as we prepare to huddle round the fire of transformation,
that will end the reign of our souls' suppression
Tell me, what do you wish to awaken to at dawn's first light?

Is it a dream so rightous, so vast,
it could only be born through millenia of remembering at last?
Is it a dream so beautiful and free,
that only we could weave it through community?
Is it a dream that shakes us to the core,
we suddenly remember who we always were once more?
Is it a dream that fills up your heart,
that at the brink of overflowing, that is where we all start?

Come with me my children to dream a new dream.
Give me your visions. Help mend my seams.
For I can not dream this dream without you,
For my cosmic fabric is threaded with you.

homepage: homepage: http://tribes.tribe.net/sacredmother