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its vacation time kids, and its time to charitably go do our christian duty and help the people left bereft by American companies like Shell and Chevron and religious right diamond mines. What they can't do we will pityingly and charitably take care of. After that all bets are off on the continent of africa... ready to give AIDS....?????????

Some people don't accept aids very well.
You look at these five year old orphans
And hold a Colonel of corn and say
This corn is special
It contains a virulent cell virus
Which will kill any predator plant
I have bio engineered it so
That I can own a patent
I have negotiated that all further assistance
To you will be brought by airlift and
Contain only these virulent cell wall colonels
We bring you aids
We are very disappointed that
You children
Have chosen to disobey us
We have brought you food to eat
Who will take care of you now
That your parents parrished*
After working in the diamond mines
Child, Listen to me!
I bring you aids
And you have turned your back on me
Bio engineered corn will save the world
Look at the health of the American people
They consume 95% of the worlds
Genetically Modified Organism's
The Americans are beyond health
Don't you want to look like them?
Nod, your head kid!
The time to accept AIDS is now!
We will put a further ban
On bringing in food
If you will not eat our special corn.
Why do the children not accept our aids?
Colonel see what you can do!
America has created paradise on the Africa continent.

*Pat Robertson owns diamond mines which he exploits. He calls the workers charity and starves, kills, and hurts them for American assistance. I know he doesn't manage what he owns. Go to hell, Pat!

The children are being raised by the church earily reminiscent of the terrible genocide that the Americans unleashed on the native American's in America. Very few know their mother tongue, traditions, stories, or geographic lay out. Being raised by Christian emissaries bent on the theft their identity is another form of genocide.

Who the fuck tells children to starve if they won't eat Genetically Modified Corn? Who knows what Virus they have built into the cellular wall structure? They are working with everything and who is to say what they would want to test on an unsuspecting sick populace. Our country is sick. We have told people that if they don't accept a chemical corporation's manipulation that we will cut off our organic farmers from feeding and distributing food. We have told our organic farmers that we will not buy their surplus and distribute it! The only way that organic farmers are able to reach out is by going there and helping to farm. Which many do! But this is not an OK way of tending to the children left Orphaned by Pat Robertson's mismanagement!