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food blues
Why do we have hungry people?
Why do we have hungry people?
Its great that kboo is playing the blues.

But why do we need the blues festival for food? My point is we need coverage on this fact. That is, we need the festival for food collection. This is a god damn scandle. Why are these people needing food. We got great uneployment numbers, but we need food distibution. This should be covered more.

On another note, it occurs to me that this festival was needing food only donations in the pass, but now its 8 bucks plus food(2 cans). There certainly some explaining to be had on this point too.

Follow the money. Don't just sing the blues...

this reads like insane ranting 07.Jul.2007 00:43

annoyed reader

Why are you bringing this up here and not suggesting it straight to KBOO? Here's a suggestion: you could do the reporting yourself, and report it on The 'BOO. I'm sure the station would provide support in the form of training and equipment if you asked about it.

No doubt there are many, many issues not covered more by KBOO due to resource limitations. The station is mostly volunteer-run, so pitch in and help rather than idly complain.

Anyway, I hear coverage of food distribution / hunger issues quite often. Are you even a regular listener?

well, alternatively ... 07.Jul.2007 04:45

poor person who is still somehow chubby

Actually, maybe there's NOT a big scandal here. Maybe there are NOT millions of starving people in America. Maybe this country actually DOES do a pretty good job of feeding everybody, even if lots of other things are really screwed up. Maybe the blues festival collects canned food to make itself look all non-profit and charitable rather than to address some imaginary hunger crisis.

You know how everybody in America wants to volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving? It's not because suddenly every Thanksgiving there are more hungry people, and then they disappear Friday morning. Charity is about ritual and guilt, not supply and demand.

Hey reader: Not all rants are insane. It's a radio station, it's not yer mom. Dude can post this wherever he wants to. You raise your gate price, people gonna complain. I ain't paying no $8 I'll tell you that.

It's not KBOO's festival 07.Jul.2007 08:20

theresa mitchell

The Blues Festival is a production of the Oregon Food Bank. If you have problems with the way it is run, or if you find it inadequate, or a symbol of tokenism, take it up with them. KBOO has gallantly offered to broadcast the Festival for free all these years, because KBOO volunteers like the blues, and want to help the Food Bank.

It's not a minor production. It interrupts our regular broadcasting and angers some listeners; others are thrilled. We set up a booth (which, if I remember correctly, we actually have to pay for) with broadcast equipment, and staff it with volunteers. These are often volunteers who have experienced those days and weeks when it's not clear where the next meal is coming from--I know I have. At the station today, a staffer is covering the 'feed' for ten hours straight.

When a radio station gets mentioned on stage, it's usually not KBOO. We just do the work, take the loss, and get out--year after year.

Now, what was that complaint?

Why are there hungry People 07.Jul.2007 09:11


Why are there hungry People?

This is not a complaint, but a question. At least we might consider it here so it maybe considered it elsewhere as well. I am suggesting the question could be posed by the boo during the blues.

Perhaps Reagan was right when he stated there are no hungry people in america. But if there is no famon, then the reason there are hungry people
is because there are rich people. This assumes you are using money to buy food of course.

So how rich is rich? I don't know, but there gots to be an arithemetic answer to that. And indeed thats the elephant in the living room.

I know the subject is not ignored by the boo, with hole in the bucket, homeless marathon, and the stations general demeanor and conduct. But the irony is not lost that the symptom and not cause are addressed.

Jesus said there will always be the poor, and I say fuck that.
Why are there hungry people
Why are there hungry people

Right on,Teresa,part II 07.Jul.2007 10:11


Teresa,as usual your response is factual,rational and well-written. Keep on keepin' on!

I love the KBOO coverage of the blues fest 07.Jul.2007 11:09


I've been grateful to be able to hear it, since I work so late, and having it on was the only way I could drown out the fireworks enough to go to sleep on the 4th... I didn't know this happens every year, and now that I know I'll be happily listening to it again next year if I'm in town!

Thanks so much to the Oregon Food Bank for putting this on and for feeding all the hungry families in Oregon! If all fund/food raising could be so fun, I'm all for it!

Yay for the Blues Festival! 08.Jul.2007 14:02


All I can say is, Zydeco night ROCKED last pm. I rarely go to any of the stupid, commercial events that charge admission down at the waterfront. I don't like seeing the chain link fences go up. It annoys me. But I went to the Blues Festival last night anyway, because, what the hell, I figured the admission went to feed people, and I happened to have enough. (And btw, the admission is a "suggested donation." If you don't have it, I think you can still get in. In any event, plenty of people were wandering around with stickers still on their shirts, I'm sure you could have gotten one of theirs.)

So I went, and damn if it didn't just freakin ROCK. One awesome band after another after another. Thousands of people dancing, and for once, even the white people didn't look like dorks. Even I danced! What fun!

So that's my report-back re the Blues festival. I have no idea why it would be appropriate to criticize KBOO over this... this isn't even their gig.

for what it's worth 08.Jul.2007 18:17


couple things...

the question of hunger in america is simple, but usually hidden. but there are thousands of people in oregon alone that dont get an adequate daily caloric intake. that is just a fact. the reason is not cause there is not enough food, it is because people dont have enough money to buy enough.

the food bank has been running the concert for 20 years as a fundraiser for their general operations. that means your "donation" at the gate, any food you donate, as well as select food booths and alcohol all go to the banks bottom line. but, the performers are not free. generally, the sponsors, like safeway and first tech credit union, help to foot the talent bill. the musicians cant starve, right?

now, these are working musicians, which means that KBOO cannot simply stream the audio live without some sort of permissions. i dont know how that works, but KBOO would. i would not be surprised if they had to pay, if mean, everyone else does. it is a fundraiser after all. whatever the boo pays probably goes to musicians, i doubt the food bank sees any of that. KINK probably has something similar worked out - for whatever reason they seem to get any direct talent interviews.

KBOO does a great job, and the food bank puts on a hell of a show. if anything, it has become too popular for the space. but the sound was well done this year.

there really isnt any money trail to follow here. go visit the food bank out by the airport. volunteer there if you want. you might even learn where they hide all the hungry people...