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July 4th videos of 911 Truth March in Portland

Alex Ansary bullhorns 911 TRUTH in downtown Portland on July 4th
Twelve to twenty 911 Truth Tellers walked along with him spreading the news
Two videos capture the informative afternoon of 911 Truth Activism in Portland.
Well July 4th I walked along with 911 Truth Activists and filmed them as they handed out information and bull-horned messages of "911 was an Inside job" and "police state information" and giving a heads up of the Portland Terror Drills coming to us here in metro pdx this October.

We were met on the streets, with lots of 911 interested people, and of course some angry people, and leave it to the big city ... ..some with messages of their own.
We were stopped by the Police twice, once for not leaving a clear walk way for pedestrians ... . The second time for being louder than over 100 feet ... we were told that distance was about a 1/3 of a city block (note to self!)
Both times, it was a friendly conversation and the noise issue did result in a "warning"
Latter when we just about finished with our march, a police car drove by slow and waved at us. At one point I think they read some of our info.

My camera was almost grabbed... . once, by an angry guy on a bike ... ..and we had a few angry comments from a couple other citizens by the blues fest beer garden ... . but over all it was a pretty good informative march and actually enjoyable.
The activist in this group were great people!

Every one in the group brought their dedicated activism to the street. We had no leader, yet we were like a well rehearsed activist group. We had DVD's (free) we had mass fliers, we had web links, cameras rolling, loud speaker message, sidewalk chalking, and the constitution in our pockets, we were informed and dedicated.
We hit the streets and I was impressed.
Thanks from me, go out to all involved!

As we went by the fountains at Waterfront Park, I heard one real young kid ask his dad as we went by "Dad what does 911 was an Inside job mean? You never told me about that?" (its in video 2)

Two videos contain all the 911 march, and are both on Google, each is around an hour long.
I also made one short excerpt video which is a ten-minute long, it is on YouTube.


Volume One::

Volume Two::

This short excerpt is a 10 min YouTube Video taken from Volume One::

All will be archived on my home page video link::

Visit my hompage for 911 Truth::

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id16.html

Make a Stand for 9/11 Truth this July 11th 06.Jul.2007 22:45

Pulverized InsideJob@Cheney.com

Come out this July 11, 2007 at 5:00pm to Pioneer Courthouse Square for a 9/11 Truth Action:


July ELEVENTH : 5pm-Pioneer Courthouse Square : 7pm-Laughing Horse Books 11.Jul.2007 03:54


see portland.indymedia calendar for The ELEVENTH of July 2007 details

Bring your voice, a sign, some clanging pots and pans ... bring family and friends

PDX 9/11 TRUTH FREEWAY blogging every Saturday can be pretty trippy too