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Jerry D Earthling tells Joe Anybody "Bush is not healthy for living creatures"

A man speaks to my camera during a 911 Truth March
He has a few good things to say
I give him a few minutes to speak up
From the Iraq war to medical marijuana.
A film by joe-anybody.com who video tapes outspoken "Jerry D Earthling"
on numerous topics that Jerry brings up himself along waterfront park.

Jerry spoke up from the crowd during a July 4th, 911 Truth March in Portland Oregon

The 911 truth marchers seemed to inspire people to speak up/out for truth.

Listen how Jerry tells us so passionately that:
"George Bush is not healthy for any living creatures"

Although Jerry spoke up during A 911 Truth march that I was filming, he was not associated with, it is worthy to note - as i mentioned, that by us in the march and us, speaking on 911 Truth, it inspired others to speak out and loud ....to the camera. They were like we were, exercising constitutional rights that are quickly being stolen from us.

Listen to Jerry Here::