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Rebel Clown Army wants YOU to find your inner clown...

I have recieved word that there are some crazy radicals in the Portland area that want to get down with gathering thier own giggly gaggle of clowns for the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army! So...I am offering the services of myself and my clownpadre to hold a Big Shoe Camp in your area...
We are 'fancy' at an art opening...you could be too!
We are 'fancy' at an art opening...you could be too!
There are two clowns who are willing to come to Portland to do a BRCT (basic rebel clown training) in your area the first weekend of August. We heard from the (un)circus of (im)migration clowns that there are some pom-pom weilding friends of all things fuzzy that are interested in trading in those poms for greasepaint!

So...if you don't mind big red noses and funny shoes in your house for a couple of days and supplying some gummy bears and soy icecream to two clowns for two days...and can gather some potential clown army suspects... according to our website we can offer you this: "...a two day Basic Rebel Clown Training, that takes anybody and everybody on a journey to find their inner clown, release the spontaneous self, learn how to cooperate in a group, to do some very basic physical and narrative improvisation. We also cover the universal rebel clowning techniques..." translation: PLAY GAMES AND TALK ABOUT CLOWNS AND DIRECT ACTION AND WHAT THEY HAVE IN COMMON...OR DON'T...

So this is short notice so please contact me ASAP if interested. for more infor or just some laughs check out circasd.org.

Gummibears and antifascist dreams

homepage: homepage: http://clownarmy.org
phone: phone: 619 971 4966

from a concerned clown in socal 06.Jul.2007 19:19

sue doh nimh

these clowns are great!

Long live the Contraries! 07.Jul.2007 15:41


Don't forget about the Pueblo/Zuni 'Sacred Clowns' or Contraries, who carried out gender bending, blasphemy against established ideals, and other rude, socially corrosive hijinks which included sexually explicit humor and outrageous disruption of ceremonies meant to be taken very serioiusly. I even heard a story about how some of them would carry clocks to satirize the christian/capitalist eurocentric colonizers outlook on life.


Ah............... Big-Shoe! 08.Jul.2007 18:39

Drool Sargeant See D. Chaffer drsrgtseedchaffer@gmail.com

Hello Portland IndyMedia, Drool Sargeant See D. Chaffer here reporting for duty. willing and able to dispatch to Portland for a Big Shoe. Goin to be on the lamb from the Rocky Mountains and the Bolder Safe-Chi Patrol and on your coast the first weekend in August. would love to meet up with clownpatriaddict Captain Cookie Chaos of the San Diego Boredom Patrol to do some basic rebel clown shenanigans, particularly with a focus on teaching some of our methods in the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army of spontaneity (operating at a level beneath our social programming), complicite' (aiding and abetting each other through methods of hprizontal power sharing), and Releasing the Inner Clown.....

If anyone is interested in helping to make this happen, please do contact us asap. Would be lovely to make something happen perhaps with an eye toward future collaborations.

Shoring up and signing out. Hey, yeah, check out these m-peaches from the 4th of July.

With Big Fuzzy Clown Love,

see d. chaffer
M-Peach, Cheney then Bush.... Call Pelosi to show support: 202 225 0100
M-Peach, Cheney then Bush.... Call Pelosi to show support: 202 225 0100