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0706 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the am news for Friday, July 6th, 2007.
0706 am 'Get This' news
0706 am 'Get This' news
07/06/07 Get This
sui generis

1. Dig This: The Oregon Legislature dug up $60 million dollars to dredge Coos Bay. Hello Oregon Economic Development Commission and Ron 'The Con' Wyden, the legislator that couldn't say No to a sailor (Or a salesman, for that matter... ). The idea is to attract the world's largest - and pollutingest - shipping company, Moller-Maersk, to our coastal shores. It isn't just the sea that will be ruined: Think about the kind of transportation system it is going to take to move those 2 million shipping containers into the hinterland. Didn't see that one coming, didya?
2. The Annie's Cabin timber sale is slightly smaller than logging companies originally planned, but it still runs roughshod over sensitive habitat, and in enormous earth-eating caterpillar half-tracks, trucks and other unmentionables, to boot. (Anybody got a wrench handy?)
3. Southern Oregon beaches are off limits to harvesters of clams and mussels - both for fun and profit. Another algae bloom of the type usually found out in the ocean, y'know. But on the plus side, thanks to climate change we can grow bananas on Mount Hood and thanks to Moller-Maersk we'll have a whole new world of dangerous, low-paid jobs.
4. The legislative session ended with more rights for gay people and more fights for the evangelicals who loathe them. Yes, the Christian Right is revving up its signature machinery and getting set to roll over other peoples' lives. How 'gay' is that?
5. The Oregon Legislature is taking annual sessions for a short test drive off a long history.
6. An eight year-old boy was killed by cannon fire in a town south of Olympia. (Surprised? Happens every day in Iraq, occupies Palestine, Afghanistan... .)
7. Hard seventeen: Seventeen people were arrested in Spokane for holding an anti-war rally on the Fourth of July (Instead of drinking themselves stupid, wrecking their pickups, blowing their hands off, acquiring third degree sunburns, getting in fist fights with family and friends and setting their houses on fire like real American patriots... )
8. Seattle undercover cops may have some 'splainin' to do after chasing a suspect in an unmarked car (The cops were in the unmarked car. Presumably the suspect's vehicle was equally unadorned.) at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. The suspect, you see, fled. Well what would you do if a strange car was following you like that?
9. Only in America: The same people who cowered in their malls and bravely shopped their way through fear because they had been told that the world was alive with the sound of terrorist nukes have been lining up to get themselves scanned by a variety of MRI and CT devices that deliver a Hiroshima-sized wallop of radiation.
10. Thank You, Science!: Scientists have discovered that organic food is good for you.
11. FSRN has a little item here about a Marine Corps veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - and what Marine would not have it by this time, other than the usual crop of sociopaths, of course? - has been released from court martial, another PTSD-inducing experience, I have no doubt... .
12. Taking My Constitutional: In a constitutional showdown with Congress, the administration claimed "executive privilege" and rejected demands for White House documents concerning the firings of the eight US Attorneys. White House to Congress: "Go pass some bills or something... .don't think about an elephant... "
13. New Mexico's Pete Domenici says No To War - sort of.
14. The Senate says No to Bush's missile defense plan for Eastern Europe.
15. Former Liberian president Charles Tay6lor's son, Charles Emmanuel is being charged with torture. It's the first criminal prosecution of a 1994 anti-torture law that makes it a crime for a US citizen to commit torture overseas. (Hear that, you Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan? You've got more than PTSD to worry about once to get home... ..Or maybe not. Maybe Bush will commute your sentences... )
16. Censored!: Representative Robert Wexler, Democrat of Florida wants to introduce a resolution censuring Bush over the 'Scooter' Libby 'Get out of jail free' card. (Remember though, a censure resolution is really the 'Thought That Doesn't Count.' It's meaningless. Arguably, Bush ignores actually laws all the time, so... .)
17. In Guam, the corollary to Bush's Eastern European dreams of empire is taking shape. In the form a of a massive military build-up. Since Guam is not cursed with a steely-eyed former KGB agent with his own delusions of grandeur to hypnotize a global audience, the locals haven't been invited to international media table. But they are fairly steamed about the American invasion and grassroots protests are flaring everywhere in the indigenous Chamoru community.
18. Iraq War SynDrone': The US is having more fun with more unmanned aircraft. Drones: They're not just for surveillance anymore. Now we can massacre whole Afghan villages without leaving our basement in Colorado.
19. Israeli forces killed eleven Palestinians. And while they were at it, they also fired on an al-Aqsa TV cameraman who witnesses said was unarmed (Except for the camera, which is probably a deadly weapon when trained on the spectacle of Israeli atrocities... ). Israeli excuse: A cameraman working for al-Aqsa TV isn't a "real" journalist anyway.
20. Private contractors now outnumber military personnel in Iraq - and they are entirely above the law, kind of like Dick Cheney...
21. The US-crafted oil law isn't selling as well in Iraq as it did on K Street in Washington DC - especially among Sunnis.
22. Venezuela kicked out the US envoy for meddling in its media.
23. In China, pollution is causing social unrest among the remaining people who haven't already Come Down With Something.
24. In Mexico, torrential rains caused a massive landslide that took out a bus loaded with about 60 people.
25. A lake in Chile has vanished. The first story was geological in theme - Now it seems the lake has climate change to thank for its abrupt demise.
26. Israel's latest blockade of Gaza has halted all possible commerce by preventing raw materials from reaching factories and finished goods from reaching markets. One thing it is producing, however and enraged and recently radicalized militants... .
27. It's the Oil, Stupid: Australian prime minister John Howard says it really isn't about oil; his nation's troops are in Iraq to assist civilization take another step into the future. Howard's Defense Minister - and he should know - says of course it's all about the oil... why else would they waste so much blood and money?