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thousands of education books about to be burned.
Sabin elementary school in NE has literally thousands of books sitting in little mountains right in the gymnasium. The signs say "recycle books here". From what it looks like, many other schools have dropped their books off at Sabin as well. There are lots of great older educational materials. These books are not being recycled, they are going to be burned.

The school is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5pm because of summer camp. Come get some books. The side door by the dumpsters will be open and it might be good to talk to someone in the summer camp staff to give them a heads up that you're there to grab books.

NE 18th and Failing. Sabin Elementary.

books to prisoners 06.Jul.2007 15:59

could use some

if there are any basic math, science, history books, dictionaries, thesauruses, or other books that are around a 5th grade reading level or higher, these could be dropped off at In Other Words or any other drop box folks happen to live near - drop box locations are listed on the website at:  http://pdxbookstoprisoners.org/donations.htm