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Re-Register for Impeachment, Iraq & Integrity

Let's launch the Re-Registration Revolution.
Yesterday morning I delivered my letter of resignation from the Democratic Party to Rep. Blumenauer's office. By luck, the man himself was just walking out the door, so he had to listen (D. is for deaf & dumb??) My Declaration of Independents letter reads:

"You are wrong not to aggressively support Impeachment. You are wrong not to be an aggressive member of the Out of Iraq Caucus. You are wrong about Free Trade & Fast Track. You were wrong to vote support for the Israeli invasion of Lebanon."

I have re-registered as an Independent (Inset arguement, Elections don't matter, be Green, etc [it's just to vote in the primary, OK]) and ...

It's cheap, easy and safe; and if every D. switched to I. maybe they would wake up and catch on to the fact that they have become not just irrelevant, but a danger to the country and the world. (and there's still time to to fix it for the primary.)

The Re-Registration Revolution - It won't hurt, and maybe just might help!