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Discordant Melody

Clang! Bash! Prompt! Greek fucking! Clang, crash, Breaking News! Do what we want!....too hell with you, and your apples... chase your own balls, liquor... I am going to watch democracy now, fuckface (fcc = fuckface) Eat your apple. Done.
Discordant Melody

I am not going to chase
After your apple of discord,
Go, go chase your paris
You parasitic upper class droll
Sentiment, gather around your daughter
And through an apple, tell us you inbred
Cousin fucking pups about how we
Must discuss the underwear
Of your greek fucking pragmatist
I haven't concern nor clue
I have seen the sobbing men in abu ghraib
And I weep not for discords
Or discards but for the real suffering
Of people tortured,
poor people stomped by your giant
Media monopoly.
You robber barons and freaks
Take your apple
And get out of paradise now!