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Oz government Not schizophrenic over Iraq oil statements

As the aging carrier USS K(Sh)itty Hawk made its way into Sydney Harbour, Oz defence minister Brendan (studs) Nelson announced on national radio that oil was a major factor in Australia's (criminal) involvement in Iraq. Howard hoped this apparent rogue statement from one of his loyal minister's would create political hysteria and grab headlines internationally and he was right! Setting the agenda and stealing the debate are well known tactics of Howard. Few possess the highly refined skills required to manipulate the local (and international) media to the extent that Howard does.
In a political environment where conservatives lead the two major parties the real battle is for media exposure and headlines not policies, as many believe. It should not be forgotten that content that steals headlines does so at the expense of ALL other information. The impending economic collapse resulting from a circular credit economy is lucky to find the back pages, regardless of the crucial nature of that information! The amusing aspect of Howard stealing the debate over the past few weeks is witnessing the bereft opposition leader and his proven loser advisers attempting to mount counter attacks and FAILING!

The current media hysteria created by Howard confronting the world's worst kept secret has been a long time coming. It took a politician with the survival instincts of a sewer rat to realise that remaining in denial over the oil-Iraq issue was counter-productive and would only serve to engender more opposition. The criminal intervention in Iraq is not related to oil theft, OIL THEFT WAS THE PRINCIPAL MOTIVATING FACTOR! Releasing the information in palatable form was the trick, cover the moderate old argument yourself and utilise a minister to drop the media bomb, a tactic that has caught almost everyone unaware. Neo-colonial expansionism and plunder are safe in the hands of our local chicken farmer Johnny 'Heinrich' Howard - people seem to imagine that only Hitler's Nazis were capable of sewer politics, criminal plunder and the murder of innocents!

Neither party has any real distinguishing policies so the battle is for maintaining the dominant presence in the public consciousness via the media -- lunch with Murdoch is not enough, Kevin; you lack a distinguishing and clearly defined ideological identity.

The apparent wayward statement of the defence minister is simply the ingenious political use of the well-known 'good cop-bad cop' tactic.

Did anyone really expect that stating the truth would have negative political repercussions? Consider the current political climate, Bush and Cheney highlighting their power over a submissive American public by defecating on everything once considered sacred by Americans -- in just ten short years the neo-cons have altered the 'eating' habits of the average American! Consider Blair's outrageous and inflammatory appointment to the Middle East as a 'peace' negotiator -- Arab snipers are adjusting their scopes waiting for a clear shot! And of course the international debt crisis, ready to wreak more havoc than even Bush-Cheney and the coalition of willing criminals are able to inflict. The crash promises to create a runaway effect, big finance is aware the economy is running on air; as soon as the big players make their move the house of cards will tumble in the scramble!

In the present political climate the role of the mass media is clear, keep 'em confused fearful, and completely distracted. But I'm afraid current instabilities promise to spray everyone when it finally hits the fan; however, some like Howard are still able to turn an advantage.


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