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Military in Olympia July 20th

We just learned, fairly recently, that the military will be sending three boats to the port here in Olympia. The boats will be here for our glorious, annual Lakefair, a gross exercise in denial, military worship and escapism.
The military is not shipping anything this time. Instead they are coming into our town in order to further perpetuate the tolerance and celebration of military "culture". If we did anything, it would not be to physically stop the war from proceeding as usual but to show them we will not allow them to insult us by bringing their boats here after the SHIT they pulled on those who just recently, a year later, came out of the courtrooms.
There are no plans for anything as of now. But we know the date, we have a little over two weeks and we have a lot of people who have been in this town for a long time. If there are any times and places thrown out there they will be announced.
As for all of you out there, in Cascadia, traveling through or thinking about traveling through, use your imaginations and dream some dreams. Aberdeen was in the middle of nowhere and we did what we could, Tacoma was Tacoma, and now we are here, the conditions being what they are. A lot has been learned, some rifts have developed, some ideas have spread, others have continued to stagnate and some of us have learned to work together. But the possibilities of what can happen in Olympia on the 20th and the days following are limited only by us, our numbers and our determination.
This opportunity can slip by, as so many others do (Korean Free Trade talks in Seattle and Big Sky!), or it can be taken. We need to be challenging this system, its illusions and its agents everywhere we can.
More concrete info will follow once it is appropriate to communicate it. A heads-up has been something we have lacked here so I just thought I would put this out there.

-Ray Kavick
(Who had nothing to do with the fake obituary)

From the Olympian:

OLYMPIA (Government-Run Paper)- Port of Olympia commissioners will discuss the planned visit of three military ships next month at tonight's port commission meeting at 5:30 in the Market Centre Building, 1111 Market St. N.E.

The ships were invited to Olympia by organizers of Capital Lakefair as part of its 50th anniversary.

The vessels, expected to arrive July 20 and depart July 23, consist of one U.S. Navy ship, the USS Ingraham, and two Canadian vessels, the HMCS Saskatoon and the HMCS Whitehorse.

The ships will be berthed at the port marine terminal, according to a commission advisory notice.