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Lets hit the streets for universal healthcare

This is a call to all people,that healthcare is a right and not a privledge. We need to take action now and shut down society if need be to get what we deserve. No more bullshit plans, no more "affordable" scenarios, we want compassionate, first rate healthcare in the richest nation on Earth. Let's start demonstrating and shutting it down now!
Come on all you so called activists, let's do something that is doable. Lets stop allowing the media and the healthcare industrial complex from controlling our lives. We all know that there is absolutely no reason why we should not have free healthcare. The HMOs and their related ilk are not necessary. All they do is bleed us dry and deny coverage to make their billions. If we purge ourselves of this parasite we will feel much better..So you ask how do we do such a daunting task as this? Well my friends, it requires all of us to not only start speaking with one another, but also to hit the streets and shut down commerce.In France, they have the ability to call general strikes and paralyze the nation. In France, the government is afraid of the people. Unfortunately here in the U.S, it is we, who are afraid of the government. This much change immediately. Lets start organizing mass meetings in every town across the country. Lets start meeting in public squares and parks without permits or any other official permission. Lets strategize on how best to achieve our goal. One method could be to march on every state capitol on a giving day. The bottom line is we need to get started and stop living in fear of the unknown. We do know one thing, the status quo has made us all less healthy and happy. I'd rather die trying to change a greedy system, then live each day fearing that if I get sick, my entire world could crumble. Our health is one thing that all Americans can come together on. This issue could be the defining movement that starts us back on the road to egalitarianism.

Watch Michaels new movie 06.Jul.2007 13:16

Ben Waiting

watch SiCO and you "will" be inclined to march in the streets
if not marching clear to washington dc

we are being scammed
its sico allright

a download link is on Joe's site to this film

Sicko Is About More Than Health Care 06.Jul.2007 14:19

Guy Fawlkes

Sicko is truly revolutionary. It is about solidarity, equality and freedom. It is about corporate control versus democracy.

See it.

Then organize.

And light it up.

Yes, Guy - 08.Jul.2007 08:24


and some easy how-to light it up tips: file clerks stop filing those hmo papers, magazines and newspapers and google stop advertising drugs, cab drivers stop dumping sick granmas on the street, docs and nurses stop being cowards and set up your own clinics, families of the dead speak out. Be a good American - stand up, speak out, reach out. You'll feel better for all you do.