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July 4th 911 Truth March - Where Are The Young People?

A short interview after the pdx 911 Truth march on July 4th
Joe Anybody interviews "Lori" after our "911 Truth March"..... on July 4th.
After weaving a 4 to 5 hours, through downtown Portland Oregon, on our grass-roots truth spreading

Alex Ansary bull-horned The 911 truth message and a dozen dedicated activists followed and passed out information, like DVD and fliers. Lorie was there the whole time, as a dedicated 911 Truth Activist
I asked her a few questions after we were done marching and were back by pioneer Square.
(Also more video from 911 Truth July 4th Portland march still to come here on Indy Media)

It this Interview I am stunned on some of the deeper thinking from this young lady.
I ask the burning questions ... ..
Where are the young people in the peace and 911 Movement?
What will it take to get the youth involved?
What are you doing today, to help with the 911 and peace movement message?

My 10 minute Youtube Video is here:

I do realize there are young people out "involved" and this film..., refers not to them!
I am 'not intending' to infer negative things about the young that are engaged, and are active.
This is more of the question to those not involved and a rally cry for those young people to start standing up and speaking out.
I do thank those, who like Lori, are in the "movement" and do stand up.


~joe anybody has been waiting for 911Truth

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

July 11th 9/11 Truth Action 05.Jul.2007 22:15

Pulverized X HappinessIsAnInsideJob@Cheney.com

I was pretty impressed with Lori's depth too; I was motivated by her to motor on home and reread smedley butler's "War is a Racket." - The whole of which can be read online:  http://www.lexrex.com/enlightened/articles/warisaracket.htm

- Join me on July 11th:


Keep up the fight!

Yes but 06.Jul.2007 12:14


I see that you are not directing your comments at the engaged youth (of course, on this website, we're not likely to hit unengaged youth, or unengaged anyone, right?) but I still take offense to it.

Why are you targeting youth?

What sense would it make if I said, "where are all the elderly activists?" Then someone would say, "Well, we have the SPOGs, and there's a few other groups made up largely of mature activists."
And I would answer, yes, but that's not ALL the elderly people, so where are the rest of them?

The same could be said about any age group or any minority. Where are they? Well, we have some of them. But where are the rest?

The informed and brave among us, among any group, are the ones carrying the movement, and to expect youth to be more involved than older people, people of color or any other oppressed group only serves to divide us all. It is not the responsability of youth to provide energy to the movement; it is not the responsability of mature activists to provide direction to the movement; we are all in this together.

Youth ....inspired videographer in Atlanta Social Forum 08.Jul.2007 14:26

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

On a side note I was led to this article from another Portland Indy post about 911 Truth::
It was on an event in Atlanta: "The U.S. Social Forum" here is their link::

The author gives credit to the youth in the article, (note) the referred to inspiring youths involvement, was not so much regarding 911 truth, and was more in regards to being involved in the social movements and being active for social changes. etc

It ironically had a comment on youth involvement, made ironically by a videographer:
In short here are the two paragraphs in the article that credit the youth involvement!
Which is in contrast to my original comment here on Indy Media

The U.S. Social Forum wrapped up Sunday in the southern city of Atlanta with a People's Assembly, where civil society and native leaders read declarations on the meeting's main issues: Gulf Coast reconstruction in the post-Katrina era; militarism and the prison industrial complex; indigenous, sexual and immigrant rights; and labor struggles in the global economy.

(*** here is the credits part ***)
Atlanta videographer Judy "Artemis" Condor said it was the youthfulness of the crowd that inspired her. "Usually, it's just us old folks at these marches and it takes all our energy just to get from point A to point B," she said. The youth, on the other hand, were making music, singing, shouting, carrying huge puppets, and some even walking on stilts.

I Found More Youth Standing Up to Bush 09.Jul.2007 00:11

Joe Anybody

(Although this is not concerning 911 truth it covers very important issues)

A group of High School
Presidential Scholars
Speak up about rendition, torture, and human rights in a self written letter to the President.

This is an excerpt from a recording from Democracy-Now 7-2-07
Listen to them tell how they give George Bush a letter signed by 50 kids
That denounces torture, signing statements, and rendition
These kids are on the front lines - I salute them

Here is "my download link" to the "short" 10 min file::
(right click - save target as)
 link to zebra3report.tripod.com

Democracy-Now original long version::

This is posted on my "frontline" homepage::
Brave High School Kids, Give Bush Letter
Brave High School Kids, Give Bush Letter