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Jesus and Mohammed: gay lovers

Love will find a way
It all started at a comparative religion class. I told Mo (as I call him now) that it might be fun to compare dogmas. So we went to the lunch room, and he brought his Koran, and I brought my Bible. Pretty soon we were laughing at all the silliness in both books. I showed him the passage on Abraham, and he showed me his version. He liked the Beatitudes very much he said, and I blushed, and said it just came to me, you know. He's such a logical guy, really. We went over to his place and got stoned on desert sage, and one thing led to another. It had to happen. After all, we're from the same "Father."

He's just dreamy, really. I love the scratchiness of his beard when we kiss, and he says my piercings are awesome butch—he likes to put his little finger through my right hand. We hold hands a lot. He likes the tease-sculptures of me on the Cross, wearing nothing but a shred of drapery. I gave him a copy of Satanic Verses for his birthday--he loved it.

Our first meeting was months ago; now we've decided to get married. You should all come to the ceremony! Just turn left at the Sign.