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Community Caretaking.. barge in with no warrant?

Police just came into my house with no warrant an hour ago.
I was sleeping on my couch and woke up to 3 cops in my home. They were asking for my roommate, who was not home. The front door was open for ventilation and three of them just walked in.

My boyfriend says when he saw them on the porch he said they could not enter. They told him he was under arrest. The only way he resembles the man they were looking for is that he is a dude with glasses, he's several inches taller, 50 pounds heavier, 10 years younger than the guy they were looking for. In addition my boyfriend has a goatee and shaved head, this guy is clean shaven with hair.

They pointed tazers at myself, my boyfriend, and our dog who was only sniffing them. They said they didn't need a warrant because they were doing community caretaking. My boyfriend got the badge number of the first one who came into our house.

I called the non emergency number and was like, WTF? and they said they could come in my house because they had a warrant for a man and they saw a man on my couch. So I guess if they are looking for some dude, and you happen to be some dude, they can come in your house.

I called his girlfriend and she said he beat the shit out of her. My (other) roommates insist that she called a few minutes before looking for him. She sent me a text message saying he did nothing wrong and to tell him stay.

As I was typing, I just got a call from the guy they were looking for. He said he called the police long before they came over and they met him and took a statement from him and never arrested him.

Anywhoo personal drama aside I am fascinated by them just walking in my front door. I had no idea they could do this. When we said you don't have a warrant get out they said they didn't care about our "stuff" they just wanted the roommate. I don't care about my stuff either, I have a medical permit.

Exigent circumstances? 07.Jul.2007 01:31

sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

I've heard of them claiming "exigent circumstances", like if they chased a suspect into your house and had to get him, or if they can see or hear a crime in progress, or if they are doing a "welfare check" where they have a specific person they have to check on that a concerned person called them for---but "community caretaking" WTF is that?

They would have been better off by saying that they saw the door open and were checking to be sure there wasn't a burglary in progress, which is often a valid excuse to enter without permission.

We spotted portland police in our yard last year and confronted them. They claimed their canine unit tracked a suspect right up to pur back door, and they wanted to come in and look for their suspect. They were told that there was nobody in our house that didn't belong there, and no, they couldn't come into the house.

We didn't see a dog, so we asked them how long they had been using their "invisible canine unit" to track suspects---they weren't amused.

But then, neither were we.

wait, what? 11.Jul.2007 14:15


Sorry to derail this, but one thing doesn't make sense here: You said you called the guy's girlfriend and she said he beat the shit out of her, but then she texted you saying he didn't do anything wrong? Huh?

Sounds like somebody other than her got ahold of her phone and sent that text. Likely it was the cops trying a ruse to get the guy pinned down to one particular location.