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Help In Finding Bicycle John

Help needed to find a loyal protester.
Those of us who stand every week in Vancouver with signs & flags & stuff are missing someone who i call "Bicycle John", a cool guy who i used to see at many Portland protests & who last year came to the 'Couve to join us every week, even tho he had to use bike & buses & had hip trouble. We haven't seen him this year, & are worried. He's the guy who often wore a black leather jacket & had unusual & edgy props, like the missile-on-a-stick & Abe Lincoln gear. If you know John, please let him know that we're thinking of him up here & would like to contact him. Thanks.

Den Mark, Vancouver

I second that 05.Jul.2007 20:42


John the Bicyclist was/is my peace protest friend. He came faithfully every week last year, and we miss him. I think he is a veteran. He always made a unique sign and was very friendly to us. I regret I didn't learn his last name. We'd like to find him. Does anyone know his where-abouts? I once teased him about wearing his black leather jacket even on a very hot day. That time, he took it off. He is not wealthy and might have needed medical help.