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Port Arthur massacre (1996) - free e-book

Links from which you should be able to download my free e-book on the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania, Australia, April 28, 1996.
A lot of people tell me they've had trouble downloading my e-book What's Going On: A Critical Analysis of the Port Arthur Massacre. Unfortunately no hard copy is available. So I've posted a pdf version to the following location on the Web. You should be able to download it from there. Please let me know if you have any trouble.


The following link should also work:
 link to www.archive.org

Please be aware that the 'powers that be' are trying to stop you obtaining this information. Many browsers (Safari for one) will crash if you click on the link given above. It's best to memorise the link or cut and paste it (if you can) so you can go directly to the badongo page.

Please bear in mind that the book is incomplete, for reasons too complicated to expain here,

If you can't download the e-book, a large proportion of the information was made available in my three-part article on the massacre published by Nexus Magazine last year. It can be read online at this location:

Carl Wernerhoff.