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Presidential Candidate Positions and Records on Animal Issues

Romney's dog on the roof and agribusiness investments, Giuliani's ferret shout down, Clinton's Tyson's connections etc
Presidential Candidate Positions and Records on Animal Issues

Romney's dog on the roof, Giuliani's ferret shout down, Clinton's Tyson's connections etc

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Poster welcomes your additions and corrections.. this is only an infinitesimal fraction of the data on this subject.


9 of the 10 announced Republican
candidates, as well as Fred Thompson
and Newt Gingrich support the
continued bombing of the animals
and people of Afghanistan and Iraq.
10 of 10 support research on animals.
(If you have any different information
please educate the poster.)


Romney drove 12 hours with his
dog on the roof.. breaking Massachusetts law.

Judy Giuliani worked for US Surgical
which carves up dogs and which has framed animal rights
activists. (Keith Olbermann: source
for her employment by company)

Jack Danforth, one of 2 Republicans elected to the Senate from Missouri after the Democratic candidate died in a mysterious plane
crash (Jerry Little in 76, Mel Carnahan in 2002) ... was the major Purina heir. Purina harms dogs by advertising that they need the animal flesh which shortens their life expectancy. Purina puts toxin laden meat in their food though vegan diet is best for them. Purina
also exterminated its Sutherland
Springs Texas cows for 'meningitis'
(or Mad Cow?)

Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan (who doubled the speed of meat inspection lines so that carcinogenic
animal corpses whizzed by inspectors), instituted a dogshooting lab for US military surgeon surgical practice. When PETA and other animal groups objected, the victims were changed from dogs to goats.

Dogs are used as minesniffers in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


President McKinley's wife drowned
2 angora cats (MSNBC Keith Olbermann

Eisenhower ordered cats on the
White House grounds shot

Former Republican Senate majority (because of Diebold) leader Bill Frist
obtained cats by lying to Boston
animal shelters and then
carved them up at Harvard med school
before becoming a billionaire by
stealing from Medicare and Medicaid.
Frist is a Thompson supporter. He
also exempted vivisecting drug companies from lawsuits generated
by their causation of death or injury.

Republican appointees such
as Julie Gerberding at CDC, who supervises primate torture at the CDC before going to her Emory job.
At Emory, cats are tortured.


The two biggest horse slaughterhouses in the US are in Republican
run Texas

Republicans have engineered the rounding up of wild mustangs.

(not an endorsement of the Democratic Senate and House)


Romney, Tancredo, Brownback
are linked to animal agribusiness
and cattle concentration camps
financially and politically. They support
the cowboys, not the cows.

Henry Paulson is now Secretary
of the Treasury. The former CEO
of Goldman Sachs and president
of Nature Conservancy used his
power to turn NC's wilderness
shrines into cattle ranches. This
has helped Texas Pacific and other
Goldman Sachs investments to
have a supply of murdered animals'
cadavers for their fast food outlets.

Richard Nixon was given 1 million
by Ray Kroc of McDonald's and
in return exempted McDonald's
from minimum wage. The Congress
overturned his legislation.


All Republican candidates support
lab torture (vivisection) of animals
paid for with stolen tax dollars.

Fred Thompson has taken many
dollars from vivisecting pharmaceutical
companies with their pricegouging
toxic products.


Republican governors Pataki, Taft,
Bush, Perry, Keating and others
increased canned hunting in their
states, hunting in which
animals huddle behind 9 ft. chain
link fences and are shot by trophy
seeking game hunters.

The Safari Club, rich trophy
seeking hunters who have shot
endangered species around the world,
is a group which gave awards
to both George H W Bush
and George W Bush.

Norman Schwarzkopf, in charge
of the bombing of Desert Storm
which carpet bombed 250,000
Iraqi refugees fleeing in donkey carts
as well as whiteflagged surrendering
Iraqi soldiers, and then bulldozed
them into graves, is a member of
the Safari Club which signifies he
has killed 300 KINDS of animals.

Matthew Scully, former Bush
speechwriter, left over animal
treatment by the White House.


Former Governor Gilmore helped
Smithfield become the worst factory
farm in the nation, a pig concentration
camp, an Abu Ghraib for animals, which has filled the Atlantic
with pig waste

Sam Alito, nominated for an unelected
position on the Supreme Court (one
of last unelected high courts in the
world) bought much stock in
slaughterhouse invested Vanguard
and twice broke his promise to
recuse himself in Vanguard cases
before the court.


A tape of a Giuliani talk show in which
he is abusing a ferret pet companion
was played several times on network
tv. It is available many places on the
internet. Giuliani stings and stings
and stings again.

 http://www.peta.net/feat/military (one paragraph in the PETA report
is disputed).


The Bush regime's rollback of
environmental protection has
destroyed millions of acres of
animal habitat.

Squirrels, chipmunks and thousands
of other species have been burned
alive as the USDA's and DOI's controlled burn
policy has caused even more fires
with windchanges.


Antonin Scalia who has serially killed
prisoners with his pen as weapon
went hunting with Dick Cheney
where besides killing birds they
illegally discussed cases before the

Chuck Grassley (as well as Feingold
and Harkin) changed the way
baby chicks are shipped. Their
humane legislation protections
have been removed. They are shipped
often in flimsy cardboard containers
.. they can be smashed or die
of heat or thirst or cold sitting on
loading docks. These baby chick
females and males have been
classified as commercial mail.

George Voinovich introduced
legislation to allow the hunting
of federally protected migrating birds

John Cornyn, senator from Texas,
helped Dick Cheney kill over 400
birds in 1 day in Rolling Rock Pennsylvania where cage raised
birds were released in nets directly
in front of Cheney's hunting party.
"Shooting fish in a barrel" does not
describe this action.


Anthrax bioterror weapon
research (and in some cases
development) is occurring at over
300 sites in the US funded by
your tax dollars.
Primates have been irradiated
at the CDC, Barnes Air Force Base,
have been killed in the thousands
for anthrax weapons testing at
Ft Detrick.


Maryland's Diebold installed
governor Ehrlich tried to pass
bear hunting in the state and
was defeated.
The slaughter of bears is allowed
in several states. Please ask
Gov. Spitzer of NY to end the bear hunting
which Pataki promoted.


Republican senators Stevens and
Murkowski of Alaska facilitated
the shooting of wolves from
helicopters by hunters.

Update on US candidates' positions on animals

(When Republican candidates are noted, may it be remembered
that they represent a tiny segment of the population. 55%
are unregistered. 60% of the remaining 45% are 3rd party
or independent. Of the remaining 18% over 2/3 are Democrats. Registered
Republicans are a single digit
percentage of the US population.

15 of the 18 announced candidates in the Democratic
and Republican parties are prowar, in the sense that they
are willing to vote or have voted for $ for the war. Therefore 15 have funded the bombing of animals as well as of children. Every Republican candidate
but McCain and Paul is in favor
of 'exhanced interrogation techniques'
a code word for torture.
All but 1 of the 10 announced Republican candidates define
themselves as prolife, by which they mean only human fetal life, not
support of prisoners' right not
to be deprived of life through execution.
. In
the area of humans many Republicans exempt prisoners
from their prolife positions.
Only Kucinich  http://kucinich.us Gravel and Ron Paul have a strong
history of antiwar work.

Kucinich is the only vegan in the 2 major parties running for


Only one of the 3 antiwar candidates
(Gravel, Paul, Kucinich) running for president who is a vegan


Mike Gravel has a wonderful record
re peace except for the animals.
As senator from Alaska he represented
that state's hunters and fishermen.


supports the continuation of the
war in Afghanistan with its consequent
killing and maiming of people and
animals. In the area of US citizens,
Edwards has a strong populist record.
May Elizabeth Edwards be healed of
her cancer and educate the public
about meat, fish and animal products
as the chief cause.


Barack Obama like most Illinois politicians has a cozy relationship with unionbuster
McDonald's which he has praised. His wife is a spokesperson for vivisection as a VP
of Univ of Chicago Hospitals.


Hillary Clinton helped make Don Tyson the nation's biggest butcher of cows, pigs and chickens.
She invested in cattle futures
(the cattle whose deaths she invested
in had no future). She has
publicly endorsed the brutal
Heifer Int'l projects in which baby
animals are shipped alone overseas
to slavery and death. Clinton
served on the animal abusing
WalMart board. Her husband allowed
Dan Glickman to muzzle the truth
about Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Chicken,
Mad Deer, Mad Fish, Mad Sheep
and other spongiform encephalopathy

She has voted for vivisector money
and for campaigns in which people
and animals were bombed


Has voted money for vivisection


Has voted money for vivisection


calls himself a devout Mormon. The Mormon church owns
the nation's biggest cattle ranch. The Mormon church supports
the illegal war ventures of the US regime, with consequent
death to animals from bombs, from military lab research etc. Romney's 250 million
forture (he has not released tax returns or holding statements) is derived partly from
Bain Capital which he cofounded, a private equity (secretive) fund invested in
steakhouse restaurants. Romney
supports torture and the continuation
of the war in Iraq. The LDS history
and present in relation to African
Americans and women has not
been explored by neocon debate

bombed animals in Vietnam, has a 0% environment voting
record, is in favor of continued bombing of animals in Iraq
and Afghanistan.


Sam Brownback, senator, calls himself prolife while spending
much of his time promoting the interests of Kansas slaughterhouse owners, cowboys and butchers.

as governor of Wisconsin was an agent of the powerful Wisconsin
animal slavery dairy lobby, which industry has recently been given $250 million in subsidies by the Congress.  http://www.notmilk.com


Huckabee is a hunter and murdered in the name of the state
several Arkansans.


Hunter is an operative for war profiteers like San Diego based
Titan (mercenaries).


As governor of Virginia, Gilmore
besides executing prisoners
facilitated the execution of billions
of 'farm' animals in concentration
camps such as Smithfield which
in addition filled the rivers of the
region and the Alantic with pfiesteria
from pig waste.

represents Colorado cowboys
not Colorado's cows.

Hillary Clinton has been good
in domestic legislation re pets
but made $100,000 on cattle futures
insider trading (cattle had no future),
helped Don Tyson became the
nation's biggest butcher of cows
pigs and chickens.

(This poster supports Kucinich, an antiwar vegan. Whether or not
you think he can win, the more
delegates he has, the further
the engine on the train of peace
will pull the caboose of war promoters.  http://kucinich.us
There are 3 candidates in the 2 major parties with virtually lifetime
positions of opposition to war and its consequent bombing of animals
and their habitat. These are Mike Gravel, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.)


Mrs Obama, Mrs Giuliani, and
Mrs Romney have all been employed
by vivisectors or fundraise for
vivisectors. Mrs Obama has worked
for Univ of Chicago Hospitals
as a spokesperson. Mrs Giuliani
worked for US Surgical, and
Mrs Romney campaigns for animal
killing multiple sclerosis researchers.

Mrs Obama has purchased ant traps.

What you have done to these
the least of My brethren you have
done unto Me.

wbzt.com and AP

Romney's 'Dog On Roof' Story Sparks Outcry

(AP) BOSTON An example of Mitt Romney's crisis management skills has turned into something of a political problem for the Republican presidential contender.

Romney placed his family dog, an Irish setter named Seamus, into a kennel lashed to the top of his station wagon for a 12-hour family trip from Boston to Ontario in 1983. Despite being shielded by a wind screen the former Massachusetts governor erected, Seamus expressed his discomfort with a diarrhea attack.

Now the story, recounted this week in a Boston Globe profile of Romney, has touched off ..outrage from bloggers and animal rights activists.
When Romney's eldest son, Tagg, and his four brothers complained about the brown runoff down the back windshield, their father quietly pulled the car over, borrowed a gas station hose and sprayed down both the dog and the kennel before returning to the road.

"Massachusetts animal cruelty laws specifically prohibit anyone from carrying an animal `in or upon a vehicle, or otherwise, in an unnecessarily cruel or inhuman manner or in a way and manner which might endanger the animal carried thereon,"' wrote Steve Benen in a post on the blog "Crooks and Liars."

Ingrid Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, told Time magazine's "Swampland" blog: "If you wouldn't strap your child to the roof of your car, you have no business doing that to the family dog!"

there are at least 150 million Americans who live with cats and dogs
.. we have political power! please spread the word! how many millions have
horses? birds? fishes?


homepage: homepage: http://kucinich.us

I smell New labor 1996 05.Jul.2007 15:49


What has Kucinich proposed as far as animal right legislation? Has he proposed a ban on Vivisection? Just because he's vegan doesn't mean shit to me. If he isn't going to walk the talk, then it doesn't matter.

Barry Horne Died in prison, because of the lies of politicians. Why should I have any faith in this one?