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Gordon Smith: Weakling and hypocrite

Gordon Smith likes to pretend he's a moderate, but he's really just a slave to the GOP leadership
In the July 5th edition of the Oregonian, Mr. Jim Rassman bemoans the fact that that publication has, yet again, fallen for the ruse that Senator Gordon Smith is a "moderate" republican, this time due to his comments regarding the Iraq war. Mr. Rassman is correct in pointing out the contradiction between Senator Smith's words and his senatorial votes, but, alas, the contradiction is but the latest in Senator Smith's long history of attempting to appear moderate in the lead up to elections, while slavishly following the party line dictated by his republican leadership as he serves his term.

Although Senator Smith might wish it, I cannot forget how, during his reelection bid of 2002, the grieving mother of Matthew Shepherd appeared in the Senator's campaign advertisements, stating that she was sure Matthew would have viewed Senator Smith as a friend because of the Senator's advocacy for gay rights. Of course, after his reelection, Senator Smith quickly betrayed his gay and lesbian constituency by voting for the Protection of Marriage Amendment in 2004.

Senator Smith was also very vocal in his opposition to oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Alas, his ardor for the cause melted like polar ice caps when the Bush administration applied pressure and caused him to change his vote.

I can also recall the outrage that Senator Smith expressed upon hearing about the capers of former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger for illegally removing highly classified documents from the national Archives. The Senator was seen on various cable news outlets expressing his shock and disdain for the act. And yet, we have heard nary a word from Senator Smith regarding the conviction of I Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who was convicted for obstruction of justice and perjury in the investigation into the leaking of a national security asset.

And, going all the way back to the impeachment trial of President Clinton, when certain moderate republican senators publicly stated that they would vote for acquittal, who was it that appeared at the side of Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, to announce that he would vote to convict, and thereby keep the impeachment effort from collapsing? None other than Gordon Smith.

Oregonians need leadership that reflects our independence of thought. We do not need a senator that meekly follows the line dictated by GOP leaders, straying only when it is safe to do so. I hope our state will recognize how poorly she is served by her junior senator, and vote next year to remove him from office.

Republicans are Grooming Him for Bigger Things 05.Jul.2007 17:08


Last time Smith got elected because he was an incumbent and he had a lot of money for advertising, and some interest groups endorsed him at the last minute. Let's not let this happen again, folks.
The Republican Party is grooming him to move upstairs someday. They will spend a fortune to keep their golden boy afloat. He is presidential material for them, make no mistake. We need to be orgainzed and work hard to defeat him. This will take hard work. The Oregonian loves him because the owner is a mormon. They have given him lots of free upbeat publicity.

"We need to be orgainzed [sic] and work hard to defeat him." 05.Jul.2007 18:29


and precisely how will you "defeat" Gordon Smith?

a good friend of mine was calling his office every week for approx. 4 straight years ...

can anyone else on PDX IMC claim likewise?

how will it affect the trajectory of the United States of Annihilation, or everyday lives of lower-income Oregonians?

Smith has his own brainwashed following just like Fox News... and most of those, live outside the greater Portland, Oregon metro area - you gonna get into the ranches and door-canvass 'em?

Good luck. LOL

And let us not forget the Salmon 05.Jul.2007 20:34


And let us never forget Smith's role in the 2002 die-off of Klamath River Salmon. The decision to retain water in the upper Klamath (to irrigate potatoes and alfalfa, thus pleasing the farmers and earning their Republican votes) was an environmental disaster that resulted in a salmon die-off of an estimated 70,000. It also caused spiritual, economic, and cultural distress to tribes who depend upon salmon for all of those things - the Karuk (of which I am an enrolled member), Hupa, and Yurok.

According to the Daily Kos, "By redirecting water from the Klamath River, in violation of the Endangered Species Act, in order to irrigate the fields of Republican-voting farmers, Cheney, Smith and dirty-dealer Karl Rove caused the largest fish kill in the modern history of the west - 70,000 salmon rotting on the banks of the Klamath. They also tipped the tight 2002 election in favor of Smith and he was able to win re-election."  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/7/5/61212/43586

Let us also never forget that politicians are only there to be bought by business interests. They will say whatever is in their best interest - not ours.

Thanks for the posting, Dade.

Dead salmon in lower Klamath river, 2002 die-off
Dead salmon in lower Klamath river, 2002 die-off

Bush Clone Has Gaps Between Words & Action 10.Jul.2007 15:18

Locked Out Voter Who Will Not Forget

Senator Gordon Smith just like Representative Greg Walden (both clones of the shrub administration) are two examples of how democracy doesn't work. These jerks ignore their constituencies and that alone is reason for ongoing protest:

"You can no longer ignore us"

"You cannot lock your field offices when we come to meet with you"

"When we get a committement from a staffer that we will be getting a return communications there are very few excuses for that not to happen (death being one of a short list)"