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How to combat globalization locally

Get off your asses and come down to Swan Island, there's a picket line waiting for you to join.

Rank and file Machinists at Freigtliner have broken with their bureaucratic leaders to go on strike, in response to the outsourcing of their jobs to slave labor in Mexico.
This is a DIRECT result of the effects of capitalist globalization, and another sign that workers are fighting back (smaller unions have agreed to strike in solidarity campaigns).

Have to doubt, this is a radical act, and many others like it will inevitably happen as this process speeds up nationally and internationally. Preventing the billionaires from making more billions at everybody else's expense is a fundamental way to enact social change.

-- Come support the workers!!!

what time,what address, who can we call 05.Jul.2007 16:58


what time,what address, who can we call

More effect would come from... 05.Jul.2007 17:42

Buy Local

...buying only locally made goods and to patronizing only locally-run businesses, also convincing everyone you know to do the same. Nonetheless, I'm happy that you're having this action. I'm suggesting combining political demonstration with plans for long-term systemic change rather than reacting to each minor change as it comes about.

just come to swan island 06.Jul.2007 09:44


You will see the strikers as you cruise the island, outside of the Freightliner plant. Volunteer some time on the picket line, bring some money for a strike fund, snacks, or just friendly coversation.

most importantly, get the word out.

Buy Local and support striking workers 06.Jul.2007 12:30

Brian the Green

We need to do both.

Bottled Water 06.Jul.2007 16:13

Den Mark, Vancouver

One small step: stop buying bottled water. Every bottled water brand is owned by a large venal multi-national, like nestle & coke, pumping water out of somebody else's aquifer. I go to progressive meetings & see bottled water all over the place. Stop. Just 100 people NOT buying one daily water means 36,500 bottles NOT sold per year. 1000 people NOT buying a daily water means over a third of a million bottles not sold per year.

In addition: support strikers.