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this should settle things

In regards to the 'should 'progressives' vote democrat debate, this Letter to the Editor should settle things...
So the Dems split their vote to once again keep the war funds and war carnage flowing.

A party in opposition to the war would have a 100% or very near solid block against the funding. That the vote split is only politics. This tactic only confuses those who refuse to take the proper step of completely dumping that pro-war institution known as the "Democratic Party."

As long as you get hung up on who voted for and against the war instead of looking at the party as a whole - you allow the charade to continue. On an issue like this - a party well practiced in sophistry - will encourage voters in districts with a stronger oppositional view to vote with their constituents to curry favor at the polls while resting assured that there were enough votes to keep the death machine well oiled with blood funds.

Anti-war was routed once again in Congress - as it has been and will continue to be - as long as it has its unholy alliance with the pro-war Democratic Party. They don't have to fight for your vote - it is in their pocket. If anti-war was allying with an anti-war, anti-imperialists party, then the Democratic Party would actually have to oppose the war as a party as opposed to as a campaign tactic to earn votes. But no - that is not the case - probably 90 percent of anti-war voters are hopelessly anchored to the submerged tactic of supporting Democrats at the polls, begging them to vote against war and then stamping their feet and screaming when they don't.

Anti-war was routed - or it defeated itself - once again. So a couple Dems changed their votes - big deal - as long as it was split as a block - the Democratic Party as an institution once again voted for the mass slaughter.
As the grandfather of metal, Ozzy Osborne sang in the classic War Pigs, "Satan Laughing Spreads His Wings!"

- Bob Witaek

Your vote means NOTHING 05.Jul.2007 18:32


go ahead and vote for Dennis K., Earl Blumenauer etc. but your lives will remain the same.

and so will the course of USS "Liberty"...

If you want to change things, get 500,000 people or so to march on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and throw the bums out, physically (followed by at least half of the US Congress).