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A Molly Event
July 5, 2007, 6:34 AM

I just finished telling a friend about a wonderful book, called "Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini,
If you have not read it, do so! An idea for a protest or event started to develop, why not a kite day at the waterfront.

The idea would be to have a contest for the best/biggest kite that would say:


Maybe even give out a prize for the best kite. This has some good possibilities, I always wanted to fly something that the city could see and read. What do you think?

Maybe we could get some radio station or group to sponsor the event.

I always wanted to try to take a poster board, attach some helium balloons and fly it over the river or in front of the WTC and have Smiths staff say, WTF

Any interest? Contact me and let us have some fun in Molly's name

Joe Walsh, Lone Vet---Portland, OR.

homepage: homepage: http://Squadron13.com

How about a 10' IMPEACH BUSH & CHENEY Balloon?! 05.Jul.2007 14:33


Second effort...


Love the kite-flying day, and maybe it could be coordinated with having a number of IMPEACH BUSH & CHENEY house parties, ala Moveon.org's idea...I believe!! There is a kite store right across from the NE Army Recruiters' office that might offer discounts for related supplies!

The DFA Impeachment Group will surely bring the 10' Impeachment Balloon...see pics from 1/1/07 and 4/28/07. Have more, if people are interested.


a ok book 05.Jul.2007 19:27


a heart felt story.
Lots of facets and really deamonizes the taliban.
I suppose without taking sides Afghan is really fucked up. Its ironioc how religeon can be used as a self sustaining faith as well as a tool for murder, torture and social decay.

Read The "War Lords Son" a quicker read somewhat less sophisticated but it ia a great read too. Generally it gives afghanistan as a fucked up place with the taliban et. al. as bad too.

I wish I had the answer on how to un-fuck a fucked up place? Soon we will be needing a solution to that question.