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Annie's Cabin Timber Sale - LETTERS NEEDED

TAKE ACTION NOW TO PROTECT MOLALLA RIVER RECREATION CORRIDOR. Annie's Cabin timber sale, a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposal to thin 566-acres within the Molalla River Recreation Corridor, contract has been rewarded to Freres Lumber Company. This timber sale would severely impact recreational trails designated for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding created by volunteers. Sensitive species such as Oregon Slender Salamanders, Red Tree Voles, and Tall Bughane have been found within this timber sale project and would also be impacted. Act now to contact Congresswoman Darlene Hooley to tell her office to urge the BLM to cancel this timber sale.
Take Tree with Nest
Take Tree with Nest
Coarse Woody Debris > 20 Inches in Diameter
Coarse Woody Debris > 20 Inches in Diameter
Oregon Slender Salamander
Oregon Slender Salamander
Trail Sign
Trail Sign
History of Trail System

16 of the 25 units of the Annie's Cabin timber sale either have the Molalla River Recreation Corridor's Shared-Use Trail System running through units or abutting the units with no buffers. This trail system was created in the 1990s when the BLM closed 13 miles of logging roads converting these roads into trails for hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian uses. In 1994, the BLM approved the development of 12 miles of additional single-track trails in partnership with volunteer organizations. Thinning of Unit #2 would impact Amanda's Trail, Mark's Trail, and Sandquist's Trail, three trails named for early advocates and builders of the trail system. We need to protect and preserve the scenic beauty of these trails that volunteers spent long hours to create and maintain!

Story of Annie

The timber sale name, Annie's Cabin, comes from a cabin that sits just north of Squirrel Creek on the east side of the Huckleberry Trail. Jim Williams, Annie Miller, and her daughter, Squirrel, used this cabin as their living room (a small trailer was next door) from June 1992 until December 1993. They were BLM volunteers who worked to improve the condition of the Molalla River Recreation Corridor. Jim's presence made a big difference in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor. He loved this area and worked hard to improve and protect it. Jim spent his last days there and died in October 1993. Annie and Squirrel left two months later. The cabin sits just 250 feet south of Unit #6 of the timber sale. We need to continue to protect Jim's vision!

Oregon Slender Salamanders

Volunteers in Bark have found Oregon Slender Salamanders, a State and Federal 'sensitive listed species, in Units 9 and 13. The BLM provides no plans in the Environmental Assessment and Decision Rationale on a way to protect this species from the logging operations. Oregon Slender Salamanders need dense canopy and course woody debris over 20 inches in diameter to survive in the forest. Logging operations on the ground and opening of canopy will very likely disturb this creature's habitat. According to the BLM's Decision Rationale, the agency also found this species in Unit 6, 16, 17, and 18. We need to get protection buffers placed on these Oregon Slender Salamanders!

Wildlife Nests

The BLM has removed 30 acres from Units 8, 9, 11, and 12 from the timber sale due to the discovery of red tree voles. A Survey & Manage listed species, red tree voles live in the canopies of old growth Douglas Fir trees and provide 50% of the diet of Northern Spotted Owls. We need an open process by the BLM for the public to comment on these red tree vole findings as well as information regarding the species living in 50 nests of trees within the timber sale found by Bark volunteers!

Steelhead and Chinook Salmon

The BLM did not address the cumulative effects by this timber sale, the surrounding lands, and future projects impacting Steelhead and Chinook Salmon that read and spawn along the Molalla River watershed. A creek just north of Unit #13 does not have the sixty foot buffer as required by the agency for perennial streams. We need buffers along both the perennial and intermittent streams longer than the minimum required by the BLM to protect the water quality for fish as well as drinking water!


Carbon Copy your US Senators and US Representative as well (see contact information below sample letter). I also recommend modifying the sample letter.


<Insert Your Address>

<Insert Date>

Rep. Darlene Hooley
315 Mission Street SE #101
Salem, Oregon 97302

Dear Congresswoman Hooley:

I am writing to inform you about a proposed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) project in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor. The BLM intends to log 566-acres of forests as a commercial timber sale called Annie's Cabin. Hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian trails exist in this project's timber sale units. I am deeply concern this project would destroy the scenery of these trails that many volunteers have worked hours to create and maintain.

The BLM has also not applied suitable mitigation efforts for wildlife species such as the Oregon Slender Salamanders, a State and Federal 'sensitive' listed species. Oregon Slender Salamanders have been found in six units of this timber sale, but the BLM has placed no form of protection around its habitat, large coarse woody debris greater than 20 inches in diameter. Ground and cutting operations will likely disturb or even destroy this coarse woody debris habitat. The salamander also thrives of this debris being moist. Opening the canopy to the sun will likely dry out this debris.

Red tree voles, Chinook Salmon, and Steelhead Salmon also exists in the Molalla River Recreation Corridor, which the Environmental Assessment does not fully address the cumulative effects of this project with the surrounding lands as well as future projects toward these species.

Please urge the BLM to cancel the Annie's Cabin timber sale or have agency do the following actions:
1. Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Annie's Cabin Timber Sale;
2. Provide survey information to the public;
3. Reflect survey information in an environmental analysis of the project;
4. Create 100 foot buffer on either side of all trails in the project area;
5. Remove hardwood cutting from the prescription;
6. Drop all of Unit #9 south of the unnamed road;
7. Drop all of Unit #11 east of the unnamed road;
8. Drop all of Unit #2 west of Amanda's Trail;
9. Drop all of Unit #12 south of Red Vole Road;
10. Drop all of Unit #13;
11. Drop all of Unit #17;
12. Place protective measures around the Oregon Slender Salamanders discovered in the Annie's Cabin Timber Sale (Units 6, 9, 13, 16, 17, 18);
13. Place protective measure not to disturb coarse woody debris greater than 20 inches in size;
14. Larger buffers placed around seeps and streams;
15. Helicopter log or no timber harvesting of Unit #15.

Note: Dropping portions of those units will only remove about 80 acres from this 566-acre timber sale.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this important matter.


<Your Name>


Darlene Hooley
315 Mission Street SE #101
Salem, Oregon 97302

Earl Blumenauer
729 N.E. Oregon Street
Suite 115
Portland, OR 97232

David Wu
620 SW Main, Suite 606
Portland, OR 97205

Peter DeFazio
405 East 8th Ave. #2030
Eugene, OR 97401

Brian Baird
O.O. Howard House
750 Anderson Street, Suite B
Vancouver, WA 98661

Ron Wyden
1220 SW 3rd Avenue
Suite 585
Portland, OR 97204

Gordon Smith
One World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon Street, Suite 1250
Portland, OR 97204

For more information on Annie's Cabin Timber Sale, visit:

Bark TV 04.Jul.2007 20:23

Jim Lockhart jglockhart@comcast.net

Bark also produces a Public Access program, cablecast through Metro East Community Media in Gresham.

These programs features footage from Bark Field Trips taken to various USFS and Bureau of Land Management timber sales in the Mt. Hood National Forest,as well as other places of interest, such as successfully challenged sales and areas highlighting problems with roads and riparian areas.

The program for June, featuring a recent hike to the proposed Annie's Cabin BLM sale, will be playing on channel 11 this July 9th, 2007, at 8:00 in the evening. For those of you with cable, this is a great opportunity to witness first hand the many problems with this sale.

Perhaps you will be inspired to visit the area yourself, or at least write a letter as requested in the original post above.

The next hike, this coming Sunday, July 8, 2007, will be to the Slinky Timber Sale, a sale recently canceled by U.S. District Court judge Michael Mossman. So, this will be a victory hike, one of a growing number of sales successfully challenged in court by Bark or with groundtruthing documentation prepared and submitted by Bark and Bark volunteers.
This is also a great opportunity to see what we are fighting to save, as this area features old growth forests awash in a sea of tree plantations.

Statistics and articles about the Slinky timber sale.

And, Bark programs are also being slowly submitted to Google video. Those that are presently posted to Google represent a mix of sales that have been either canceled,logged, or are still in process.

A list of these programs on Google.