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UN-plug the fossil fuel empire! Plug-IN to the West Coast Convergence for Climate Action!

This August 8-14 hundreds of social justice and environmental activists from around the west coast of North America will be convening near the mouth of the Columbia River for 6 days of low impact living and high impact action against the fossil fuel industry - the West Coast Convergence for Climate Action.

PLUG-IN celebration / meeting / film showing
July 15th, 7pm at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy

July 22nd, ALL DAY, Laurelhurst Park

The West Coast Convergence for Climate Action -- August 8th-14th
The West Coast Convergence for Climate Action -- August 8th-14th

West Coast Convergence for Climate Action
August 8-14th - Skamokawa,WA

between Longview, WA & Astoria, Oregon

PLUG-IN celebration / meeting / film showing
Sunday July 15th, 7pm at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy

Sunday July 22nd, ALL DAY, Laurelhurst Park


The Columbia River is fueled by tributaries from across the west. Today, with massive fossil fuel development projects planned at the mouth of this iconic waterway, the Columbia is ground zero in the global struggle against the violence of the energy industry and for a livable climate future. This August, we are calling for a confluence of people from across the region, a regional ?Convergence for Climate Action?. Part networking and activist skills training, part community sustainability demonstration site, the Convergence also aims to take collective action to stop the fossil fuel industry expansion in our region in its tracks.

With extreme weather, droughts, massive species extinctions, and melting ice caps becoming more of a reality each day, there is no time to lose in taking action against the root causes of climate change. We intend to bring individuals from across the west, environmental and social justice groups, and local community activists together for this regional convergence, to create a space of collective empowerment to resist the fossil fuel empire and to push for ?climate justice?.

The convergences will be a mix of workshops, meetings, socializing, information sharing and action. With dozens of workshops in community organizing, our current energy state, climate, and environmental justice issues, and the latest techniques in sustainable living and design, participants will gain the skills and knowledge needed to forge a more sustainable planet. This will be a place that encourages discussion on what we are faced with, what the solutions are, how we can achieve them and the diversity in tactics and actions we will need to get there.

We will not be strictly discussing the solutions to climate change but striving to create and live them during the event. We will put sustainability at the forefront of all our goals and responsibilities. Composting toilets, grey water systems, locally supplied food, recycling, reusing, veggie powered shuttles and all the power coming from alternative technology will be used to lessen our impact and lower our carbon output. The convergence will be a living example of what a healthier life can look like.

To truly tackle climate change and enjoy the benefits of this new world, we must confront the fossil fuel empire as well as change our own lifestyles. Yes we need to change light bulbs and stop flying across the country for the weekend, but we also need to join together to shift power from vested energy industry interests that would watch the planet burn while counting the money they make from the fire. Thus, the convergence will be the perfect place to plug into the many actions planned throughout and especially the large actions and protests afterwards.

The convergence is situated near a community that is fighting a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal on the Columbia River. LNG is different from natural gas, which we currently receive domestically and from Canada, because LNG involves the process of resource extraction from Nigeria, Indonesia, Algeria, Iran, Qatar, Peru and Russia, and shipping the gas in a liquefied state across oceans to North America and other wealthy, highly fossil fuel dependent countries. Currently LNG development is being met with local, community-based resistance due to the immense safety risks, environmental destruction, local-economic impact, and social injustice related to this foreign fossil fuel. We are working with and supporting many of the local residents and concerned citizens in their campaign against LNG, as well as with activists resisting dams, highway expansions, nuclear and other forms of dirty and unjust energy.

This resistance movement against LNG has brought together tree-huggers, loggers, grandmothers, teachers, and a business alliance; all fighting together on the same side, against the fossil fuel industry. We hope to build off of that collaboration of diverse groups to come together and build the world we want to see in the shell of the old.

A convergence of this nature is essential to finding concrete, positive actions that every person can do to create a real solution for global climate change. We aim to bridge the divides of nationality, religion, race, class, gender, and sexuality to create a truly collaborative effort, creating a small-scale version of the larger culture we hope to foster. The convergence will be a space for celebration, for kids and families, a place to socialize with friends old and new. As the organics, bicycle and resistance movements in the global south have proven, there are solutions and so much to gain economically, ecologically, emotionally and physically. We intend to show that less energy intensive, less "stuff-centered" living is not just more environmentally friendly, but that less can be so much more FUN!

We believe that anti-oppression work is vital to community organizing and building a movement to eliminate the exploitation of people and the planet and will have an anti-oppresion policy throughout the event.

FREE childcare for KIDS toddler age and up; food and camping will be provided; Please contact us with speacial housing and food needs.

No one will be turned away, but if at all possible please register before hand so we can accurately predict food, etc.

Want to UN-PLUG the Fossil Fuel Empire? PLUG-IN to the PRE-Convergence Planning Festivities
Across the West Coast on July 15th!


(directions and rideshare info on website)

Lets join together to fight for our children, the planet and all life that depends on it.

homepage: homepage: http://www.climateconvergence.org
phone: phone: 541-521-1832