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Rally Against the War with Conscientious Objector Just Released from Military prison

Join Augustin Aguayo and the Portland Peace community in saying NO to war!
What: Rally Against the War featuring Iraq Veteran Against the War and Conscientious Objector Agustín Aguayo

When: Monday July 9th 4:00 pm

Where: Holladay Park NE 11th and Holladay. We will then march to the Broadway Recruitment Center.

Portland , OR (July 2, 2007): In the context of increasing troop resistance to the war both on the ground in Iraq and on military bases at home, as well as growing public discontent with the Bush administration's handling of the war, it is a vital time for returning vets to share their experiences. As the death toll for both American troops and Iraq civilians climbs, and each month is labeled the "deadliest" since the March 2003 invasion, returning vets have an increasingly important perspective to give on the urgency of changing policy in Iraq.

Agustin Aguayo, a U.S. Army medic, refused to load his weapon on his first tour in Iraq. He- applied for conscientious objector status to demonstrate his opposition not only to the illegal and immoral war in Iraq, but to all wars. The military rejected his application and court-martialed him. Aguayo was sentenced him to eight months in military prison and was finally released on April 18th. While he was in prison his wife Helga Aguayo led a grassroots campaign to raise awareness about military resistance and raise money to cover legal fees. On Monday, July 9th, the PDX Peace Coalition will join Agustín Aguayo for a rally against the war. At 4:00 pm, we will convene at Holladay Park to hear Aguayo, Helga, and others will speak. We will then march to the Broadway Recruitment Station to protest the military recruitment of our young men and women for this unjust war.

While he is in Portland, Agustín will be meeting with the Latino Immgrant community in Woodburn on Tuesday July 10 th. On Wednesday July 11th he will be speaking as part of a panel of Iraq Veterans Against the War at the Multicultural Center at Portland State University (1825 SW Broadway).

Cosponsors include: PDX Peace Coalition, Vets for Peace Ch. 72, the America Friends Service Committee, CAUSA- Oregon Coalition for Immigrant Rights, the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, Voz Workers' Rights Education Project, Micah's Village, People of Faith for Peace, International Socialist Organization, Education Without Borders, the Workers International League, the Military and Draft Counseling Project, Whitefeather Peace Community, Students United fro Nonviolence, Recruiterwatch PDX

homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxpeace.org