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Oz police capture terrorist’s shadow

Acting on information received from British authorities, internationally renowned for pumping 7 bullets into the head of an innocent Brazilian worker, the local chapter of the keystone cops has swung into action and arrested, detained, abused, intimidated and otherwise harassed a number of dark skinned Asian gentlemen that have been competently serving the nation during its medical crisis - a crisis resulting from incompetent government I might add.
Harassing and victimising Asians and others of non-Anglo backgrounds is a popular pastime in racist Australia, as the world well knows. Are the latest arrests an exercise in lateral racism, only Edward de Doofus and John Howard would know? It is becoming increasingly apparent that the arrests relate more to a failed media hype strategy than actual criminal activity - yea, Mick, you should know better than to catch the 'baby' and play patsy for Johnny and his failing government!

The Australian arrests in the wake of dubious British attacks are beginning to reveal local inept and desperate grasps at the media hype exploited to full advantage by Gordon Brown, sorry Johnny, playing the incumbent saviour and protector just ain't cuttin' it! But 'wog bashing' is never a wasted exercise in racist Australia, is it Johnny?

Information received from UK authorities supposedly relating to serious criminal activity involving two Indian doctors practicing in Oz seems to be thinner than strudel pastry. [This is an attempt by the author to hide her Asian background by utilising the European signifier of apple strudel - the reader could safely ascribe the exercise to semiotic warfare!]

The bereft and very desperate conservative ruling faction in Oz have only succeeded in creating legal challenges for abuse, harassment, wrongful arrest, discrimination, defamation and a host of other associated legal challenges. The Howard government has a track record of wrongful detention and arrest especially where skin colour or anatomical features are concerned! Millions in taxpayer funds have already been paid out in compensation for wrongful detention, locals can only wonder how much the latest foray into idiocy will cost taxpayers.

Sorry Johnny, Phil and Mick, it ain't gonna cut it, I recommend preparing yourselves for massive litigation and compensation payouts; smart people would settle out of court and sign the parties to gag orders, but you clowns obviously aren't smart - see you at APEC, bozos!

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