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Project for the Old American Century

I came across this website and thought others might be interested. You can't deny they have a great name.
This website is a free independent online daily news source that presents and distributes under-reported news items focusing on corporate and government corruption. We make available free of charge all of our archives and do our own research, as well, into conflicts of interest and cronyism.

The news articles we cover fall into the following categories: government, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Haiti, domestic programs, foreign affairs, civil liberties, media, environment, human rights, corporate America, veterans issues, women's issues, depleted uranium studies, the court system, the economy, militarization, church and state, vote fraud, Israel/Palestinian issues, and the war on drugs.

Aside from maintaining the website we also make available, free of charge, a daily newsletter that contains all of the days headlines for the site with a few extra commentary and human interest stories thrown in. We also make available a monthly newsletter highlighting the top under reported news stories of the month.

The Project for the OLD American Century is a grass-roots organization that strives to protect and strengthen democracy primarily by disseminating unreported and underreported news stories from a perspective untainted by political or corporate sponsorship.

The Project was founded in 2002 in response to a rigged election, reduced civil liberties, a hijacking of our domestic and foreign policies by the energy/defense industries, and a compliant corporate media that refused to make these problems prominent in our national consciousness. We felt it our duty as patriots to create a web-based independent media outlet where we can not only debunk the myth of the liberal media but expose the corruption and cronyism taking place at the highest levels of government and corporate power.

The Project for the Old American Century conducts its own research and compiles dossiers made available to the public both via the web or in print free of charge. Topics include conflicts of interest inside government agencies, specific profiles of top public officials, data acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, and much more.

Funding from the project comes solely from reader donations and sales of POAC merchandise.