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!Anti-Canada Day 2007!

On July 1st 2007, the third annual Indigenous anti-canada day event was held in Coast Salish Territories (vancouver, B.C.). A rail line in the native neighbourhood of Commercial Drive was blockaded as part of Indigenous People's ongoing resistance to the occupation of our territories by the state of Canada and capitalist corporations. This was one of many actions across the continent.
just say no to canada
just say no to canada

On July 1st 2007, over 200 Indigenous women, children, Elders and men (and non-native supporters) took the streets and the train tracks on a march and blockade to mark their resistance to Canada as an oppressive force against their people. The march began at Grandview Park and proceeded down Commercial Drive to Venables Street where the CN rail lines were occupied and blocked for over an hour.

During the blockade a Canadian flag was burned on the tracks by an Indigenous person, and several other Canadian souvenir flags that had been painted with the words "No Justice on Stolen Native Land" were burned by about 40 Indigenous people at the action.

The group stayed strong throughout the blockade in a show of force to let the Canadian government know that Indigenous people will not take state oppression any longer.

The march returned to Grandview park, again blocking traffic on the roads and intersections. The police presence was small, consisting of mostly bicycle units, and efforts to direct traffic were non-existent for at least an hour.

Actions of this nature will continue to happen, not only at every Anti-Canada Day but also at other events in the true spirit of Indigenous resistance!

U-Tube Video on its way!

photos of Anti-Canada Day in vancouver:

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Anti-Canada 03.Jul.2007 22:26



Fantastic! 04.Jul.2007 08:45


It is heart-warming to see the response to the imperialistic Canadian government. With their support of seal clubbing and maltreatment of First Peoples, this response is very justified. Much love to all participants.

Power To You 04.Jul.2007 13:26

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Power to you, as you do these actions. canada deserves every bit of it, as does the usa.

My ancestors were imprisoned in WWI in canada, simply because they were Ukrainians, enticed to canada to work the prairies, ancestors whose home villages happened to be occupied by canada's enemy austria, yet austrians in canada were not imprisoned. Racism!

Power to First Nations!

Bravo !!! 09.Jul.2007 18:21

T Anderson, Ontario, Canada ocams.razor@gmail.com

Why didn't I read or hear about this through any Canadian Media? Canada's treatment of its First Peoples has been and continues to be abominable. Yet, our government sees itself as being justified in issuing sanctions against countries who merely imitate Canada's attitudes - S. Africa for instance. Wake up Canada and end the hypocrisy in our policies with First Nations Peoples.