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Kucinich A Man Whose Time Has Come

I went to the Kucinich rally here in Portland the other night - many of you know that I was pretty much sold on Kucinich anyway. Now I am ready to promote that man till he is in the White House.

I heard Edwards speak informally to a small contingent of peace demonstrators here in Portland about a month ago so I have a means of comparison. I admit I like both men but I am a person who looks at policy first and then I look for evidence of character. I distrust charm because I am aware that charm can be the first attribute of a con artist. I did not sense as much easy, natural charm in Kucinich as I had in Edwards, but I found Kucinich far more likable than I had expected.
There is no shadow in the man - Kucinich doesn't seem to be quite as comfortably sophisticated as Edwards - but he has a LOT MORE FIRE OF CONVICTION. Kuch has so much conviction, and enthusiasm; he is truly an idealist. (The cynicism of Nancy Pelosi and our party's leadership, as I see it, has been nudging me towards the exit door. I have pretty much decided to re-register as an Independent.) Dennis said that if the other candidates have demonstrated a disinterest in the rule of law and in justice re impeachment that disinterest should disqualify them from office. I thought as his speech came to an end, "Kucinich is the perfect antidote to America's current malaise of jaded cynicism." I believe he is the one candidate who could motivate the many American voters who do not bother to vote.

Edwards and Kucinich were my first choice before I attended the rally last night because they impressed me as more committed to peace than the other candidates. I had already decided that of the 2, Edwards and Kucinich, Kucinich is more committed to peace. Other candidates have said they are committed to peace and I tend not to believe them because I think that unless Bush/Cheney are impeached not only will the Iraq War continue but War with Iran will begin - even if the Dems had cut off funding. Millions, if not billions, of dollars are not accounted for with the lax accounting system that this administration has employed. Did all that money go missing because of: the incompetence of lax accounting or was it wily maneuvering ala Iran-Contra?

Kucinich stressed that there will be no money for health care or for education until the war is brought to an end, because of the enormous amounts of money going to support the deployment but more especially the enormous amounts of money that it takes to support the privatization of this war to companies granted too many no bid contracts. I don't recall Dennis using the words "peace dividend" but those two words echoed through my mind. Dennis did touch upon the crisis of health care and education which threaten the security of the middle class.

My take: I think Edwards may be sincere about wanting to promote anti-poverty programs but I didn't hear him say he is ready to dump NAFTA and WTO. Kucinich came out STRONG and said that he would - as his first act as president - withdraw from NAFTA. (I was a bit distracted because of all the people around me were people and personal friends - I think he also included WTO in that statement.) He then said he would only agree to future trade agreements that protected labor and the environment - but not just for Americans (He made reference to some of the facts in that article "Unauthorized Immigration). Our future president made it clear that as long as corporations here and around the world seek the cheapest available labor - there will be no solution to the immigration problem that we face. DA MAN indicated - correctly I think - that the problems of the American and Mexican working classes cannot be solved as separate problems.

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Wonderfully stated, Kathy!! Kucinich has my vote, too! 03.Jul.2007 23:13


I got there a bit late, but caught the last 5 questions and his closing...you are right on about his presence!! Such honest character!! Didn't get to hear any of his statements on 911 Truth, but overall, got a sense that he is pro-accountability and pro-justice...ergo, the Bushies are fucked!! Yay !!

See you tomorrow afternoon, somewhere...an impeachment rally with a Kucinich angle?!?!

Amazing how far we have come since last summer, eh?!

You are one of the best of us...keep at it!!


Time Has Come Indeed 04.Jul.2007 09:22

Den Mark, Vancouver

Yes, Kucinich's time has indeed come, ..... that is, time to leave the democrat party, which is using him, with or without his knowledge.

I gave Oregon's Reps 7 days to sign onto HR 333 04.Jul.2007 13:33

Kathleen Bushman sassykathy46@gmail.com

I will vote for NO man or woman who has not demonstrably proven their respect for the rule of law, our civil liberties and, of course, our constitution, therefore I probably won't be voting for many Democrats! I am 61 years of age and a life long Democrat who has always voted a straight Democratic ticket. I once walked 7 miles in a Portland downpour to vote for Carter. It has taken the 110th Congress to cure me of my excessive loyalty. By July 12th I will probably re-register as an Independent IF a whole lot of Democrats don't sign on as co-sponsors of HR 333 to impeach Cheney.

I got the Representatives' aides' attention....trust me! My congressmen's aides did NOT interrupt me and they did make sure they had my contact information before I got off the line.
I conveyed to each of Oregon's congressmen that if he didn't sign on as a block with our state's other Democrats in support of HR 333, I would change my party affiliation from Democratic to Independent. I also informed them that I would not be voting for a single Democrat in '08 if I didn't see more Democrats come to the defense of the constitution - instead I would be voting Green and Socialist.

I don't think I have ever spoke to a congressman's office when I have been listened to with so much patience and respect - in spite of the fact I was so angry I was sputtering. Our politicians may have taken our loyalty for granted. Join me in assuring Reps. that they shouldn't count their chickens before they hatch.

Thanks Styve 04.Jul.2007 13:41

Kathleen Bushman sassykathy46@gmail.com

Thank you Styve for the compliment. -Coming from you I know that's no idle comment because I recognize you as a committed patriot.