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Write to Daniel McGowan

Yesterday, July 2nd, Daniel McGowan self reported to prison in NYC and is now in custody. Daniel went to MDC Brooklyn yesterday morning to self surrender but they did not have him designated to that facility yet. He was advised to instead report to the US Marshals (at the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse) who agreed to transport him to MDC last night. Please take a minute to write a supportive letter to him.
We have verified that Daniel is at MDC Brooklyn and can begin to receive some kind, supportive letters now!

Please use the following address:
P.O. BOX 329002

Until we have figured out the exact mailing regulations for MDC (it's sort of trial and error), we are providing the basics of what generally applies to most facilities.

When sending a letter, it's best to keep it simple. Write on blank notebook or copy paper no bigger than 8.5x11 and don't use any special colored or gel pens or pencils, stamps, or stickers. Don't write anything on the outside or inside of the envelope except the prisoner's address and your full name and return address in the upper left hand corner of the addressed side of the envelope. Use plain white envelopes without a clear plastic address window, or any special decorations. Most prisons also REQUIRE a return address on the envelope.

Please take a minute to read the following VERY IMPORTANT guidelines.
♦ Write on both sides of the paper, since the number of pages he can have may be limited. It is also totally acceptable to type your letters. More will fit on a page.
♦ Write your address inside your letter/card if you think he does not have it, but DO NOT put an address label anywhere inside or on the letter/card. Address labels are ONLY OK to go on your envelope.
♦ Do NOT send him stamps, envelopes (self-addressed or otherwise), blank paper or notecards. He will not be able to receive them and he will be denied your letter.
♦ Do NOT send him any form of currency, whether cash, check or money order.
♦ Do NOT send photographs larger than 4x6. Do not send polaroids and make sure the content is appropriate.
♦ Do NOT include any paperclips, staples or any extra things in your letter.
♦ Do NOT send a card that has glitter or any 3-D objects in or on it.
♦ Do NOT send cards with paper inserts glued in them.
♦ Do NOT tape your envelope shut.
♦ Do NOT ever write "legal mail" or anything implying that you are an attorney unless you are
♦ Please use your common sense; don't write about anything that is likely to get a prisoner in trouble in any way.

Daniel does not receive the envelope your letter is mailed in, so write your return address and full name in the letter as well. Also, number the pages like "1/5, 2/5,3/5..." so that a prisoner can tell if some pages are missing.

If you send Daniel a letter and it gets returned to you, please let us know about it so we can add any other restrictions to the guideline list.

Please do NOT send in any books to Daniel yet. We are in the process of getting a system going for him to receive books. If you would like him to receive books we would prefer you donate money and we will make sure to get him a book on his request list and let you know about it.

Thanks so much,

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportdaniel.org